4 forms of social stratification

Social stratification occurs in all societies or large groups of people. Social stratification can be classified into four forms - slavery, estates, caste and class. Social stratification is integrative because it reflects the values held in common by the members. Now the question is what stratification is. A system which has been followed by society from a generation in which there is some kind of classification between people in the name of race, caste, creed etc. 4. Kingsley Davis and Wilbert E. Moore accept the existence of inequality in social relations i.e. “Social Stratification refers to the socio-economic division of society into several sub-units or sub-groups, where people belonging to a particular sub-unit or sub-group enjoys superior or inferior power, status, opportunity, and wealth in relation to other sub-units or sub-groups.” Social stratification means dividing society up into different layers (or ‘strata’). The slavery system; The estate system The distinctions are based on individual prestige, power or property relative to other members of the same society. social stratification functions of social stratification Social stratification forms the basis of inequalities within a society: higher social ranks tend to have more power, prestige, and privilege than the lower ranks. Social Stratification: Introduction and Overview. It is divine in its forms. 5. They approach the problem of social inequality from the functionalist perspective and generally follow Talcott Parsons. It is consequential, i.e., the most important, most desired and often scarcest things in human life constitute the basic materials that are distributed unequally. Forms of Stratification We shall begin, then, with the purely descriptive task of classifying the various types of stratification systems that have appeared in past and present societies. A society where stratification does not exist is a sentence which will always be illogical and untrue. This movement in either direction is primarily the result of a person’s own effort, knowledge, and skills or lack of them. Forms and functions . In this system of stratification, a person is born into a social ranking but can move up or down from it much more easily than in caste systems or slave societies. social stratification.

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