800 ad england

Northumbria Kings rule over the whole of England except Kent. On the eastern provinces of Christian Byzantium the Arabs permanently attack and also retain occupancy of Jerusalem. 839 The son of Egbert, Ethelwulf rules 839-858 all of England but in 855 he is forced to allow the first permanent settlement of Vikings on the Island of Sheppey off the north coast of Kent. Eadwig (or Edwy) 955-959 (15 when crowned). In those days the Archbishop of Canterbury would not only perform the coronation ceremony but also attempt to look after the morals and sometimes the education of the King. He exiled his mother Emma to Normandy and when her sons and his half brothers Alfred and Edward returned to England he blinded Alfred by gouging out his eyes (so cruelly he almost immediately died) and Edward sensibly escaped back to Normandy. During this period the Vikings, as Scandinavians were known, became the invaders of Europe and settled in the east and north of England with headquarters in York, the west coast of Ireland centred in Dublin, Iceland, Newfoundland in North America, the north west of France which became known as Normandy, (where the Norman, William the Conqueror was born.) Their first notable King is Penda 735-55. 688 Theodore of Tarsus is sent to England by the Pope to fill the vacancy of Archbishop of Canterbury. The huge Islamic territories are fortunately no longer a unified threat against western Christianity as they have broken up into five individual Caliphates or Emirates who fight between themselves. His son by Elfled became Edmund Ironside and his son via Emma, Edward the Confessor. Guthrum was forced to give back half of his recently conquered England to Alfred (now the King) and recognise Alfred as King of all England. East of these boundaries were the mighty Persians (Iran) and north and North East were a large number of semi nomadic tribes stretching from the Atlantic coast in the west right through to the Mongolian steppes in the east. Neither religious group had the dominant position either militarily, economically or culturally. 527 The 3rd and last Saxon tribe arrives this time landing probably via the Thames just east of London and they settle in the land from the Thames to St Albans. The arrival of small bands of Danish Vikings on English shores which began in 787 continues for the next 100 years. In 870 a huge force landed in East Anglia with the mission to take over the whole of England. After the Roman Empire in the west collapsed it was conquered by the Germanic tribe the Franks, hence France, and under the Frankish ruler Charlemagne they ruled most of continental Europe. This incredible building still stands and is similar in size to the present St Paul’s Cathedral in London and demonstrates along with still present aquifers, the engineering know-how of the Romans still very much present in their Eastern Empire. The war lords Hengist and Horsa, and they only ruled in Kent. St Dunstan should be noted for trying to reform Church morals by insisting on the poverty, chastity and obedience of monks and the celibacy of parish priests. Although Edward was unimportant in the history of England pilgrims still travel to his grave now a modern shrine in Brookwood Cemetery near Woking in Surrey. Introduced by Muslims from their visits to China. Remember this is not only a history of the English Royal Family but also of the people and those neighbouring countries which effected the History of England. The huge area between present day Finland, south towards the Black Sea comes under one ruler a Prince Oleg, a Viking from Sweden and becomes known as Russia. Charlemagne- Emperor Of The West, Angkor Period, Mamun The Great, Treaty Of Verdun, Algebra Invented, Wu-Tsung Persecutes Buddhists, Danish Viking Sack London, Rurik Lead Viking Raids, Fujiwara Period, Macedonian Dynasty, Harold I King Of Norway, Alfred Great Victory Over Danes, American history and world history can be found at historycental- History's home on the web. Via Elgiva he sired Sweyn who became King of Norway and Harold who became King Harold 1st of England. Christianity and Islam were the top religions and were avowed enemies with Palestine and particularly Jerusalem the main issue (as now). It should be noted that at that time Muslims were taught to respect other “religions of the book”. Leader of men by physical strength and oratory, Hobbies Hunting. Just east of the Christian Byzantium borders: 570 The Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam is born in Mecca in Arabia. 878 AD Alfred Great Victory Over Danes- Alfred the Great won a major victory over the Danes in the Battle of Edington in Southern England. Augustine settles in Canterbury in Kent where parts of his church still remain. Noted for having a good trading and religious relationship with Charlemagne, introducing a new currency, the Penny with the same silver content as a French coin thus being interchangeable for trade. Noted for a decisive victory against the Welsh at Chester. On arrival in the south he dug up the body of his brother and threw it into a bog. Aragon and Catalan were tiny Christian states just south of the Pyrenees. The last dominant King of Northumbria and England, defeated by a joint raiding party of Picts and Scots.

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