advantages and disadvantages of verbal communication

You can give direct orders to your subordinates. Verbal Communication despite many disadvantages is a boon to If most of the information is considered to be verbal then you won’t be wasting energy and money on explaining things differently. People prefer more of verbal communication due to the convenience factor dominating over other types of communication. Advantages and Disadvantages of Verbal Communication. to the receiver and there is no discrepancy in the delivered message, therefore It is possible that the receiver comprehends the message wrong if the information isn’t too clear and expressed in easy language which can cause a major trouble. intended it to send which makes it problematic in the future at some time or Therefore casual conversations are usually easy to conduct. Loves Writing in my Free Time on varied Topics. Communication is not just an art and science of expression but is much deeper than that. So while you are communicating verbally, it is very much necessary to do the correct speaking or writing to avoid unnecessary hostility. If the message provided is in written format, the receiver can re-read the contents and clarify any doubt on the later moment. It is because of the presence of a common means of communication that the people are able to tactically convey their message to influence and persuade people to think along their line of thinking. Communication provides a way to persuade people to your way of thinking. Many resources and money are spent in preserving records which includes speech recordings or records in a written format that result in additional financial loads. Conveying correct and accurate information is not only important for the person concerned but is also vital for the organization as a whole. Communication is the Dance forms can be both traditional and modern. If the communication is done through written format then it is called written communication. Also, you won’t need to grope for sign languages. Many people prefer to communicate in the written or oral format in case of important discussion. There is no procedure for rectification of the words spoken or written during a conversation. Both are the subcategories of verbal communications. Yes, verbal communication is the most widely adopted means of communication globally. It provides a complete understanding of communication delivered and there is a chance to make it more clear in case of doubts in the interpretation of words or ideas. Private conversations can be easily conducted through one to one discussions and privacy is well maintained if proper instructions regarding this matter are provided to concerned individuals. Therefore, it is very important for a person to be capable of producing good verbal skills that should be flawless in this medium of communication. Use of words is quite useful in the marketing business where you need to persuade the customer about the product and its durability. Some signs are understood beyond mere words. Just write or say it and you will understand within a fraction of a second. Get instructions on a matter within a few minutes. Uses of lie detector or polygraph can be used too which can be of disadvantage in case of verbal communication. When the communication is in the form of signs, symbols or gestures which do not use any structured form of abstract letters or sounds to convey information, then we call it as non-verbal communication. language barrier obviously, uncertainty in the delivered message and many more. All you need is a medium to speak or write and your work would be done. Following are the advantages of Verbal Communication: It saves time in communication. In short, followers follow the leader because of their effective means of communicating their idea to the audience. Therefore, the message conveyed should always be in easy and clear words. It is more convenient and makes the information look more powerful thus benefitting the business. It can be very useful in case you want to maintain secrecy about a matter as there is no way to prove what you said. Oral communication includes something like speaking, singing or answering and questioning. It mentions benefits or advantages of Verbal Communication and drawbacks or disadvantages of Verbal Communication. In this case, verbal communication becomes really difficult and we have to use some other kind of technology or maybe a moderator to help translate the language in order to make it understandable and easy in comprehending. Some of the disadvantages that occur in this form of Verbal communication is the most efficient way of communicating between two personnel or groups. Communication provides a mean for higher authorities to give direction to the organization and provides directive to the juniors to act in accordance with the vision and aim of the organization. If conveyed properly in a perfect manner, verbal verbal communication. nature and so does this mode of communication has. These differences can arise from the individuals speaking different languages, inability to understand the other person’s colloquial phrases or a difference in understanding basic terms.

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