almond meal cupcakes

I tried with almond butter but it didn’t turn out good. The cupcakes turned out to before delicious than regular cupcakes. Can you send me the nutrional info please? Nope – it’s correct as written! They are very moist. My other thought is that maybe you measured the flour with a heavy hand so to speak … I always measure by spooning flour into the cup (instead of scooping it up with the measuring cup). I’m definitely going to try this recipe for Christmas. Glad you approved : ) and happy almost birthday old lady! Great cupcakes. They were cooked in 20 minutes! You might also want to use an oven thermometer to make sure it’s running at the correct temperature (and not higher than what it says). Love that icing especially . No need to get out the mixer to whip these up. 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Can you please advice so e frosting which is berry free? Thanks Julia! And absolutely – sending you an email now. Do I press the flour in to the cup, or fill it loosely? Would it work to make it into a cake i instead of cupcakes? I then made a vanilla icing that is thin like a glaze and also put some lemon juice in the glaze. I made them for my 3 year old granddaughter who has just been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. This one is perfect! Followed all to the letter to with all the correct ingredients, what a waste. Don't worry about the odd brown fleck from the almond … I toyed with a few recipes but decided that this one was my favorite. But it’s hard to say for sure! They were absolutely delicious. Cream butter and 4 packets of stevia together in the bowl of an electric mixer. , Hey Laura! These look so light and fluffy, Ashley. Announcing the 12 Days of Dairy Free Christmas - holiday recipes + an epic giveaway! That’s nearly double what you’ll find in a cup of all-purpose flour, according to the same database.. As written, these almond flour cupcakes have 5 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per cupcake… Awesome – I’m so happy to hear this Lisa! Hi Adriana – According to a nutritional calculator, there are about 260 calories per cupcake – this is just for the base without any frosting. I haven’t tried that with these cupcakes. Sending you an email now. I made these cupcakes for a small party a few weeks ago at my parent’s house to celebrate the fact that she’s getting “old” – as my sister likes to say. Hi Jessica! Nutrition data shown is an estimate provided by an online calculator and is for informational purposes only. Hi, can you send the nutritional info as well? I did make a few changes. So glad to hear you all enjoyed them! Can I please get the nutritional information also. He loved them! Hey Adrienne! While this doesn't always happen, let them come to room temp to avoid any issues! I mention this down in the recipe below but it is worth repeating. Never mind that she’s quite a few years younger than me and is not even close to turning 30. I made these as a test for the guest cupcakes for my sons birthday (delicious). Do you mean a dairy free frosting? Hi Beverley! I am a Brit and completely against the whole cup thing It’s so vague. In a medium bowl, whisk together the melted coconut oil, honey, eggs, vanilla extract, almond extract and lemon zest until well combined. Disappointed as I wasted a lot of expensive ingredients . I made these today and put the ingredients into the SparkRecipes to determine the calories. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed them Jackie! I’m so happy to hear this Christina!! That was my biggest issue with some other recipes (especially since I wouldn’t use most of the ingredients again anytime soon). Yes, please let me know how they are if you try them with molasses! I need for June 30th? I’m a sucker for anything almond and buttercream! FYI, I did swap out 1/4 cup coconut milk and 1/4 cup swerve for the honey. They came perfect. I’m wondering how much cocoa powder to use if I want to make them chocolate? Just sent you an email. The vanilla beans sound like an awesome addition! Can you please send me the nutritional info on this recipe or should I just try to figure it out ingredient by ingredient? Hi, I rarely ever post on blogs or recipe sites, so this is all new to me. Hi Maria! Preheat the oven to 325ºF. Yea, my sister said that she’s also had some really bad ones before! Thank you for coming back to let me know (and to share with others)! I would also probably suggest using a meringue frosting that can just be piped on (instead of baking – such as this one: And thanks for including the subs you made – always good to know!! (i shared with bunch of people!). I have been baking with almond flour/meal for years for its low carbohydrate/ high protein value. Thank you very VERY much for this recipe. I made these for my sons birthday party with a few modifications (really just working with what I had), I didn’t use almond extract and I used liquid Stevia instead of honey, then I frosted it with a cream cheese, vanilla and stevia frosting and they turned out really good! Could I add rum soaked raisins to the batter? Can you please email me the nutrition info on these? Soft and fluffy almond flour cupcakes! First gluten free receive ever! Thanks for taking the time to let me know Jenifer! I just baked a batch using butter rather than coconut oil and they came out beautiful – fluffy and moist . haha, These are such a nice birthday treat! Hey Brenda! I’ve made these many times in my kitchen without a problem so it’s hard to say what happened. These definitely were delicious! yay I will vouch for these and say they were delicious… and they were even good keeping them in the fridge for up to a week. So play it safe and bring them to room temp! Blanched almond flour is made from almonds that have had the skins removed (and is also a bit more finely ground). It will likely take a bit longer for the center to be done, so there is a chance the edges could burn. Definitely an experiment : ) Hoping to share it soon! I need to know the nutritional information, too.

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