are epiphone guitars good

At the very least they’re worth checking out! You had to shell out at least a few hundred to get something worth your time. Spend a little bit of time with your guitar at a local GC or whichever local music store you all have. Older models tend to not have had the best quality control. If you’re trying to snag a good deal, I’ve had great luck with setting up alerts for these in CL and Facebook marketplace. There are exceptions, of course, and it must be remembered that Epiphone is a budget guitar, so you can’t expect Gibson or Fender-level quality. The bottom line, is that these guitars – Especially certain models are an absolute STEAL. Players interested in buying an Epiphone acoustic guitar should compare several different models to help make an informed decision. Older models tend to not have had the best quality control. Bonus: Old Models are not as good as new models –. Epiphone is a very popular model, so most likely whatever you’re looking for they’re likely to have. Which might be banged up anyways from use. Roughly, the general price points fall in the following categories: entry level or beginner( $300 or less), intermediate ($300-$1000), and professional (over $1000). It’s just a part of buying an inexpensive instrument. Assuming that the more expensive guitar sounds better to your ear and feels better in your hands (which is not always the case), decide if the difference is enough to warrant the increase in price. THIS is the competition for budget guitars nowadays. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to stick with your bandmates or simply sing around the open air fire, the Epiphone acoustic electrics we’ve profiled above are on the whole great decisions. It can be a little trickier than what it looks like in videos. Similar to the acoustic comparison, the Gibson will cost you about four times the amount of money as the comparable Epiphone reproduction with hardware, wood selection, finish and brand name contributing to the price difference. They’ve stepped up their game TREMENDOUSLY in recent years. Seriously, and if there isn’t one near you…….why not take the drive? Photo: @annienyhc Sun 4/26 @ 10pE / 7pP Mon 4/27 @ 11aE / 8aP Tues 4/28 @ 2pE / 11aP Wed 4/29 @ 5pE / 2pP Thurs 4/30 @ 9aE / 6aP *or available On Demand w SiriusXM app, A post shared by Trivium (@triviumband) on Apr 26, 2020 at 3:26pm PDT. The small problems budget guitars usually have………are never a big deal. They simply CANT AFFORD to put out bad guitars. Most people in these stores have a HUGE wealth of knowledge and will be able to guide you to the perfect guitar for you. Over 60 Free Guitar Lessons Available Now! From 1957 until 1970, Epiphones were produced in the U.S. next to the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 9s however. While I’ve written articles, and done quite A bit of research when it comes to these guitars, I still have a hard time explaining the full value of these guitars. During the prewar years Epiphone and Gibson competed fiercely for the number one spot, outdoing each other from year to year. Whichever guitar you decide to get, just ask someone at your local music store to set it up for you. The objective differences are to be found in the hardware, wood selection, ornamental features such as mother-of-pearl inlays versus pearloid and in the electronics packages. Note: You won’t have any flaws you have to worry about on your guitar unless……. Some of my personal favorites are Tom Delonge from Blink-182 and Bob Dylan. You should take the time to read this article. This isn’t as common for other guitars that aren’t as popular. People love or hate epiphone……’s weird. Many budget guitars have issues with their tuners. Over the last … Very small flaws. I thought this question was odd, but this simply depends on where you’re buying the guitar from and which model if they come equipped with a case or not. So as long as you’re buying an epiphone that’s made recently, you should be okay. This is the best way I’ve found to get deals. So, why do you need to know that these are “budget” guitar models? Now, just for fun “A/B” the guitar that you have chosen with a similar model in a higher or lower price point. Look, Epiphone might be a GREAT guitar….. If they did, people wouldn’t buy them. If I remember correctly it cost around $500 in the 80’s, so this was a mid-level instrument. There are famous musicians from EVERY style of music out there who played on these. Gibson has owned the brand ever since. Pick your favorite and put the other back on the rack and select another instrument from the same price point and do the same “A/B” run through. They can also go out of tune much quicker than higher end tuners. In this article we’ll talk about the quality of epiphone guitars, and just how good they really are. Are Epiphone acoustic guitars good? For example if you compare an AJ-45, which is a smaller guitar to an EJ-200, which is a super jumbo, you will be comparing apples to oranges so to speak. Over 60 Free Guitar Lessons Available Now! (Feel free to skip over this section if you’re already aware of how far we’ve come with building guitars in recent years.). Mostly because people’s opinions of these guitars are absolutely all over the place…….but there’s a little more to it than just that. The Gibson is significantly more expensive than the Epiphone. There’s not going to be, any issues that are major enough that you WON’T be able to play your guitar, it’s just not gonna happen! – Meaning that these guitars, are built more for a player that doesn’t have enough dough for a higher end guitar…….like a Gibson. Every single guitar that you pick up today (almost) is literally UNREAL how high of quality they are compared to back in the day. Before then, Epiphone Guitars were made by a variety of luthiers. Seriously INCREDIBLE musicians played on these. This is a VERY easy fix, and can be cheap replaced with higher quality tuners. There’s really no in between at all. April 28, 2020 All of these guitars fall in the intermediate price range and are a good value for the money. You never know. Some specific differences are: a solid maple top on the Gibson with a maple veneer top on the Epiphone, rosewood neck versus Indian laurel, Burstbucker pickups on the Gibson and Pro-Bucker’s on the Epiphone. Sometimes though, you can also get a great deal if you go through really old listings that haven’t sold yet. Woods you find in most good guitars. Basically, since manufacturing cost less in China – Epiphone is able to pass these savings on to you.

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