audix i5 vs sm57

I recorded the mics at the same time into Nuendo with the PreSonus Firepod. I prefer the i5 also, more body to it and the bleed is way nicer. Props to Audix for making such a worthy replacement for an sm57. The heads of the microphones were the same distance to the speaker. If you do a search you can find someone who is making an "L-shaped body" for side adress i5 somewhere. I like the width, accuracy and top end of the Audix, but there's just something about that dry, midrangy SM57 sound that works on snares, even if it does come off as a little 'choked' (imo). Feb 11, 2015 #1 I have no questions, I just thought I would let you know that the i5 is much nicer sounding … I changed the input sensitivity of the preamps until the mics displayed even volume. The i5 is more natural sounding and less compressed than the SM57. insane isolation. Nice. Though the i5 sounds much "nicer", I'd have to pick the 57 because of the voicing, and the fact that it sounds like it would work far better in most mixes. I'd heard people say that the Audix i5 is supposed to be the 57 killer. Your test confirms what I hear in my studio. to Documents | Return to The price of this microphone is quite similar to that of the sm57. I can't remember where I saw it but it was cool. The low end of the i5 is punchier than the 57. The i5 has been living on my snare drum for quite a couple of years ! I've noticed also that the transient response is different and the Audix i5 pickup less bleed when tracking drums compare to the 57. Cool test. The Shure SM57 is in blue and is in front, the Audix i5 is in red and is behind the Shure. Good test Luc. I endorse Audix products and was interested in the differences between the old 57 and the new i5. Despite the cheap price of the mic, the Audix i5 is known to pack quite a number of features that easily make it stand out. Messages 13,851. Thread starter Floyd Eye; Start date Feb 11, 2015; 1; 2; Next. They both sound great but i feel the 57 would fit better in a mix than the i5. I'm concerned about the peak at 3khz of the i5. Both of these mics are slightly different. Good to know, how do you think it compares to the sm57 whit a snare that has a lot of ring/sustain? The i5 is a pretty cool mic on snare, often superior to the 57 in many applications. im happy with my i5 on snare and most guitars. i prefer the i5 thanks for sharing. However, I think the 57 is better at "bangy/lofi" than the i5. I will say again that they are very similar mics. Thanks for doing this Luc, this was very helpful for me! When I first compared the 2 on snare I thought they sounded surprisingly similar except for the fact that the I5 rejected noticeably better than the 57. I've been using the Audix i5 for a while now and I still like it a lot. Here are the frequency response curves from the manufacturers: Here are the frequency analysis for the tones that I recorded. Beta 52 it's so much better, Audix too. I've also never had problems with hat bleed into my snare mic so the rejection doesn't matter so much to me. Return You can click on the images to see larger versions. Size & Shape. The typical price you'll find the i5 sold for is not dissimilar to that of Shure's SM57, which has been something of an industry standard in this area for longer than most of us care to remember. Yeah I would go with the Audix i5. Go. Rght now I'm looking for a new snaredrum mics and so I stumbled across this thread. Same thing that a SM57.. you know, with mic placement you can add or remove ring by getting closer or less from the edge. I set the two microphones together and pointed them at the speaker. Maybe a bit more pop, but I figured that was within the margin of error. This test was pretty un-scientific: I played a sweeping tone, white noise, and pink noise through one Tannoy Active monitor. I hope to check the Shure Beta 57 someday soon here as well. 70% of the time prefer the i5, preamp api. I love reading your posts, always totally objective. Physically the i5 doesn’t fail but is design is pretty basic. It is made from a cast zinc-alloy case with a mounted XLR output. No problem man! Audix i5. Here's the details:-Snare Ludwig LM402-Midas Venice 240 Console Preamps-MOTU 896 converters Both microphones were carefully placed at same exact position close to each other to make the test. The Audix sounds a bit scooped while the 57 sounds dirtier. frequency response comparisons between Shure SM-57 and Audix i5. I'm looking forward also to test it on guitar but I'm so used to the trusty SM57 that I don't think I'm going to change anytime soon. I endorse Audix products and was interested in the differences between the old 57 and the new i5. Floyd Eye Member. frequency response comparisons between Shure SM-57 and Audix i5. i even did vocals with it on a live demo thing i did recently and it turned out surprisingly great. Gear Shootouts / Audio File Uploads / Interviews / Podcasts, Gear Shoot-Outs / Sound File Comparisons / Audio Tests, Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio. AUDIX i5 vs SHURE SM57 (Snare Top) Hi, I finally been able to buy a Audix i5 and I made a comparison test with a brand new Shure SM57. 1 of 2 Go to page. I did the exact same comparrison about 4 years ago on snare when I got mine. Audix are incredibly well built mics, I love my i5's as well as the D2/4/6 As for the D112 on kick: must be the mic/application I hate the most.. I like the 57 more myself. Which is better for vocals? Audix i5 v. SM57. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I think it is a bit "punchier" and has a bit more clarity. Final Word. I hope to check the Shure Beta 57 someday soon here as well. It's also very good on guitars. documents... I'd heard people say that the Audix i5 is supposed to be the 57 killer. I own both mics and (try to) try them both out on snare every time I record drums, so I'm already familiar with the differences. I like the e609 on guitar cab a bit better though. I just can't deal with the d112, even a 57 is better than that on kick for me I5 on snare all the way. Sounds great dude! Next Last. I thought they were very similar but prefer the i5 for anything that a sm57 would get used for. Because the i5 is smaller, it’s easier to fit into tight spaces that may be otherwise cumbersome for the SM57. I took the transformer out of my SM57 (which makes it a little more open sounding) and now I can never decide which one I prefer! The SM57 or Audix i5?

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