automate sharepoint news digest

This is a great way for users to catch up on News that they may have otherwise missed. Unless you clear the string variables at this stage it will keep appending them so add 2 Set variables and you can select the Name you created earlier from the dropdown, and set them to an expression of null. Did you ever figure out how to add an article's thumbnail (and perhaps URL) to the table in the body of the email? 11. It is already possible with a trigger in SharePoint, but i cant find one in Flow. I'm not an expert on that so I'm sure others can add to this very basic example. We’ll begin rolling this feature out in the next few days. By João Ferreira 8. The next step is to add an Append to array variable which will hold each string variable and the converted date. The next step is to get the items from SharePoint. By João Ferreira Oct 19, 2020 News, SharePoint 0 Comments. I'm really surprised that MS had not presented a way to at least make their New Digest customizable.At least letting us remove their logos on top so that the Clients can feel that their News is "theirs" by only having their branding. Using Microsoft intelligence, a curated selection of News posts are shared with users through an email that comes from SharePoint. Important: If you do not see the "Email a news digest" link, ensure that you have at least Contribute permissions in the current site. Ah right, I see what you mean. Communication is the key to build a successful team, and the SharePoint folks responsible for the modern sites know it well, month after month we continue to be presented with new features to enrich the communication and collaboration between teams. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.SharePoint Auto-News Digest sends automated email to users in your company about the latest News posts that they have not yet read that are relevant to them. News, SharePoint Users will only receive news posts in their digest that they have access to, so rest assured that users won’t see news posts that they don’t have permission for. The variation that I want is a daily digest of today's contributions to the Community Site. How to disable automatic news digest from SharePoint. 4. Hi @Oos, there isn't an already-built template for this but you can still create a Flow to send a weekly digest of News created by the News web part in SharePoint to produce something like this: The full list of actions is shown below and then I'll talk through each one: 1. Thanks for your workaround. I've just added a link back to the intranet. The next step is to add an Apply to each and from the Dynamic Content box select, 8. Re: Automate News Digest Newsletter AFAIK, no. Then add 2 Append to string variables, one for the name and one for the description (remember, you initialized them earlier) and from the Dynamic Content box add the name and Description columns from your SharePoint Site pages document library. ISV Studio is designed to become the go-to Power Platform destination for ISV’s to monitor & manage published applications. These steps were very helpful in getting an automated weekly digest started for news on my agency's SharePoint page. A new SharePoint news digest will automatically curate posts using Microsoft intelligence to help you catch up on news available to you. If you want to function that you mentioned to be supported in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum: Modern news is one of my favorite features to stem from the modernization of the SharePoint experience. We're using te sharepoint news webpart for all our news inside the company. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I am afraid we can't achieve your needs at this time. For multi-geo tenants, organization news sites would have to be set up for each geo location. Anybody in your site can access the Site News page, but if you do not have permissions to create news, then you do not have permission to share a news digest :( Sending the Digest The SharePoint News Page. SharePoint admins can specify any number of organization news sites. Good idea, I've voted. Only published news posts that are relevant to the user, and that the user has not viewed yet, are sent in the digest. To speed up the processing of the flow once you have a lot of pages, set the filter query so that the only items that returned are those pages created in the last 7 days that have a PageType of News. The automatic digest is only possible due to Microsoft Graph that is able build and send the email targeted to each user based on the following rules. A guide to implement effective enterprise collaboration and teamwork using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. SharePoint Online news digest email is a new Office 365 feature.

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