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The strong chord tones are root, 3 rd, 5 th and 7 th on the dominant chord and root, 3 rd, 5 th and 6 th (not 7 th) on tonic major and minor chords. jazz method - david baker - vol 1 - the bebop scalespdf, Jazz Method - David Baker - Vol 1 - The Bebop Scales, David Baker - Improvisational Patterns, The Bebop Era 1, guitar - dave celentano - monster scales and modespdf, Damasio, Antonio - El error de Descartespdf, Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 1 - Cutting-Edge Techniquespdf, Autoclave - Midmark - M11 - Manual de Servicio y Partes, Jay Sankey - Amazing Tricks - Lecture Notespdf, Muro, Juan Antonio - Basic Pieces, vol 1 - Chanterelle - INCOMPLETOpdf, O Segredo dos Gênios - Renato Alves - The Rebelspdf, Viaje al imperio de Marruecos_ seguido de el Viaje de Hafezpdf, James Hollis - The Eden Project - In Search of the Magical Otherpdf. The following examples spell out bebop scales starting on the 9 for different chord types.The circ-led note indicates where the initial bebop scale begins. Note that on this last example for C7∑9∑13, when the scale goes over an octave, the major 7th (the note B) is added as usual in the dominant bebop scale. In this 5 minute masterclass we’re going talk about bebop scales. Bebop scales on the Blues. C7 bebop scale (natural 7 th added) David Baker named these scales the “bebop scales” because they were used so often by jazz artists form the Bebop Era. Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale (Digital PDF Book) quantity. C7 bebop scale (natural 7 th added) BEBOP SCALES ..... 38 Transposition Chart..... 39 Two Interesting Short Stories..... 39 Jamey’s JAZZ THEORY ... Just because you practice scales, chords, patterns, and exercises doesn’t mean you will sound stiff and mechanical, OR that you will become a jazz great! It has the same notes as the Mixolydian scale including a chromatic passing tone, a major seventh, between the minor seventh (b7) and the root (1). bebop scales on the blues.pdf: File Size: 65 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. Bebop scales are scales that derive from the bebop language, adding an extra chromatic note to a basic major, minor or dominant scale. Bebop scales were ‘created’ (or at least ‘named’) by a Jazz composer called David Baker. The dominant bebop scale aka Mixolydian bebop scale is an eight note scale (octatonic). Category: Jazz Books Tags: dominant bebop scale, jazz improvisation, jazz method, steve neff. And as we’ll show you below…even ii-V’s. blues simple shapes.pdf: ... diminished scale ideas.pdf: File Size: 54 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. The bebop scales are mostly used in jazz. Bebop Scales. Which Ponzol mouthpiece do you like the best. Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale (Digital PDF Book) quantity. Dominant Blues Approach Note Mastery-Lesson 3, Dominant Blues Approach Note Mastery-Lesson 2, Dominant Blues Approach Note Mastery-Lesson 1, The Best Embouchure for Tone, Intonation and Endurance Lesson, The Secret to Altissimo (no one has ever told you about before) Lesson, Pentatonics Lesson 2-Minor 6th Pentatonic, New Ultimate II-V-I Primer Lesson 1-Tenor Sax, Member-Brecker Alternate Fingering Lessons, Lesson Series Deals-Save Big on Select Lessons, Adam Larson Chord Tone Blues Tenor Saxophone Solo Transcription, Theo Wanne Slant 2 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Review. Bebop Scales The Bebop scales are frequently used in jazz improvisation and are derived from the modes of the major scale, the melodic minor scale and the harmonic minor scale. You will probably notice the close relationship between the Major Bebop Scale and the ordinary Major Scale. Description Reviews (16) Description. The only difference is one extra note, which can be compared with the blue note added to the Pentatonic to get a blues scale. The bebop scales add a chromatic passing tone to the basic scales so that strong chord tones occur on the strong beats. Master the bebop scale and its applications and you’ll have a technique that you can apply to Dominant, minor, half-diminished, and sus chords. Join the conversation via an occasional email. Using the bebop scale over ii-V’s. The file extension - PDF and ranks to the Documents category.

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