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However, players might notice that these perks also work well with PVP, as combat there also requires stability and quick reflexes. RELATED: Destiny 2: 5 Weapons That Are Defining Season 10 (& 5 That Are Suddenly Terrible). This one, Outbreak Perfected, is the... 3. Outbreak Perfected. Returning from the original Destiny, Outbreak Perfected is a stronger variant of … Ghost Primus (Kinetic) – … Thanks to Moving Target, Rangefinder, or Snapshot Sights, their Guardian can easily begin PVP matches at a distance and pick off the enemy from there. When Shadowkeep rolls around and you want to make a build designed around your super, consider Bad Juju which is not only a powerful pulse rifle on its own right, but will refill your ammo and help you recharge your super faster. Yet another exotic pulse rifle made it to the list. Attacks with Outbreak Perfected attach SIVA nanites on rapid hits and precision kills which increase the weapon’s. Go Figure packs the look of a heavy weapon capable of heavy bursts, and it lives up to that visual image. Additionally, each of its set perks complements any DPS build, making it a great all-around weapon. Additionally, a Full-Auto Outlast with Rampage can clear rooms much faster. Moreover, its initial range and stability problems can be easily solved by rolling the right barrel perk, and access to both Ricochet and High Caliber Rounds further increase its overall damage output. If he's not playing video games, he's probably playing TTRPGs. Bygones. Bad JuJu. Players looking for a solid Pulse Rifle can rely on Inaugural Address. 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But the standout is Outbreak Perfected which is powerful, accurate, stable, has awesome regular perks and a powerful exotic perk. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. For instance, Guardians with a Bygone equipped with Arrowhead Break and Ricochet or High-Caliber rounds can enjoy high-impact but stable encounters. Thanks to its adaptive frame, players can enjoy a wide variety of customization options. However, its alternative perk Ambitious Assassin also makes Inaugural Address the ideal choice for fast-and-loose encounters. Moreover, it enjoys increased damage after kills, making it ideal for prolonged encounters. Vigilance enjoys the Harsh Truths, which perk gives this weapon a five-round burst. Finally, Shadowkeep introduced a new powerful PvP pulse rifle via the new raid Garden of Salvation. Ideally, a damage-intensive build could benefit from a Rampage-empowered Last Perdition, as more mobs mean a deadlier Guardian. Moreover, the Rampage perk with Full Auto can deal devastating damage more useful for personal encounters. These perks make Bad Juju useful for most raids, especially on more difficult battles that almost convert enemies into bullet sponges. Unlike other weapon variants, Pulse Rifles fit perfectly well with players who want to dart around the battlefield. Even just one Outbreak Perfected is powerful, but five or six people running it and it becomes a viable DPS strategy good enough for even the toughest raid bosses. In PVE alone, Bygone users benefit from increased damage from precision kills with Rampage and Outlaw perks. For example, Outlaw and Kill Clip can make reloading across mobs a breeze (plus the damage boost). As such, this Pulse Rifle befits close-range defensive setups. Thanks to its String of Curses perk, Bad Juju not only increases damage per kills, but it generates Super and better damage boosts once it's stacked. Thanks to its adaptive frame, Bygone has been a go-to Pulse Rifle for most Guardians. The Bygones Pulse Rifle first hit the scene at the drop of the Forsaken DLC as the Drifters … Last Perdition makes a great choice for a Void-based pulse rifle. Thanks to perks such as Aggressive Burst and Kill Clip, Go Figure enjoys four-burst fires that pack a punch. Unfortunately, more eagle-eyed fans might notice String of Curses doesn't last that long. As such, players have access to weapons such as the Auto Rifles to go wild with their encounters or Sniper Rifles to attack from a safe distance. Fans of the first Destiny game might know Bad Juju from this game - and thankfully, it lives up to the hype once again in Destiny 2. How to get: For this futuristic pulse rifle you’ll need to go through a relatively … Unfortunately, players do need to get used to Outlast's rather "rowdy" nature. And while this also makes the weapon useful for PVE, perhaps players can benefit more from Go Figure-centric PVP builds. They can start dealing damage with their AOE skills and finish with precision shots with the Lance. Players looking for a solid Pulse Rifle can rely on Inaugural Address. He constantly plays video games but also takes the time to try out older titles. However, while Bygones offers great perks, it shines best in PVP encounters. For PvE, three out of the four exotic pulse rifles in Destiny 2 all excel in various situations. Sacred Provenance, as it is known, is definitely worth farming for hardcore PvPers, if you don’t mind getting dirty with some hardcore PvE content as its one of the most powerful PvP pulse rifles in Destiny 2 with the ability to roll with some great perks such as Rapid Hit.

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