bone puns sans

-by Zada AndersonEveryone it's really FRISK-ing pawsome - GoldenSanspaiThese were all quit HUMORUSI liked these puns a skelte-TON -by Redpandadd​​​​​​Sans: hey guys i think i left my trom-BONE here. SPARE ME!Sans: dont worry Mettaton, Ill have MERCYPapayrus: I think this tu-TORIEL has been very SAN-santionel, brother.Sans: In deed, you played quite a CHARA-cter too.Mettaton: I am so FRISK-in done with you two so called FUNNY-BONES now im headed off to Grillby's, CHARA (Care) to join me?Me: Well played. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. AHHHHHHH!!! (Seriously though, this is amazing, dear god why do I like puns so much xD. But not from this girl. because they have no heart -by I don't know it's FRISK-Y making all these jokes. Why a saxaBONE of couse duh! xD -by Kittie-chanWow this is punderful. Nothing, it goes right through them. The BONE and MARROW. This is really Asriel as it gets. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Guess I've been given the cold shoulder, but despite this, I'll keep a cool head. So, the guy replies: so a guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he "can get a drink? My brother always works himself down to the. Wow, my puns are not original. By Erin Cossetta Updated November 18, 2020. bone puns Where do you learn about bones? So, the guy replies: so a guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he "can get a drink? replacement is gonna be later...tell me what you want to be our new ask blog! OH NOOO!!! He liked to rattle his bones. so a guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he "can get a drink? Or is it hot in here? 1.TuberTale ask blog (some undertale youtubers and deviants answer your questions) !Me: I'm not in his side I'm just saying isn't the house decorated with an AD-DRESS!? ~Sans -by MonstersI found this humer-ous!! I'm such a BONEHEAD. Bone puns are a lot of fun and a good way to break the ice. When someone tickles his funny bone! -by Zinafopuns becoming BONE dry?Try some diSANSi! Add to Favourites. Have you heard about my new job as a can crusher? -by NeonPixeledGalaxy​​​​​​Heh Heh I Have A Skele-Ton More Of Deez But For Now I Gotta Skele-run From My Skele-hun Sans Who Is Clearly A Skeleton xD - by Undertale. TIBIA honest, these puns were pretty humerus. i really was being a lazy-BONES.Mettaton: PLEASE YOU TWO! A telephone? All of them are bones :DD ) -by Angεζ ɪs sαƞs ÇHÄRÂSANS IS MY FAVORITE chara-cter -by is true. -by Winter Snow is a WeirdSans : do you like cats frisk?Frisk : yeah.Sans : I guess you have FRISKERS! I want to play Undertale and of course, I would choose the paci-FRISK ending everytime. None of them have mustard up the courage to help me make some Sans-ational Muffets. FIRST ME, THEN ASGORE'S CLONE? Of coure, I'm too much of a LAZY BONES to put any BACKBONE into my puns. He's under a rest. the TromBONE, of course.My brother truly is a numbSKULL.What do skeletons hate the most about wind?Nothing, it goes right through them.But first, let me take a Skelfie.Why don't skeletons fight each other?They don't have the guts.When does a skeleton laugh?When someone tickles his funny bone!In the end, Asgore made Papyrus a cool HedgeSkull-ture.Papyrus doesn't like my hotdogs. gonna close the ask kitty sans askblog yo! ", the bartender says "not untill you tell me a meta joke." I need some TU-TORIELS on how to make punny puns. -by GoldenGlitch1Wow, Frisk METT-A-TON of people... how SANS-sational! [huehuehue]) -by EternalFlame13Do these puns need to be related to skeletons?Since toucan play at that game.Otherwise, I've got a ton, well, more like a dozen of eggscellent puns. There's a skele-ton of these in here. What do skeletons say before they begin dining?

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