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Barcode/UCP. Contact Us. Contact Us Try Our Latest Recipes Serving: 5 Prep time: 3 minutes Cooking: 15 minutes They contain the goodness of Omega-3, protein and calcium and are packed in a number of tantalising flavours for the ultimate sardine experience. For 125 years, our story has remained the same. For more information, please See our Privacy Policy. Street Number. Street Suffix. Which is why we’re big fans of promoting healthy habits and nutritious options for all. Title (required) First Name (required) Last Name (required) Street Number. (required) Over 19Not Over 19. Brunswick Sardine History There’s a lot more under the lid of your favourite brand of sardines than you might think. Province. Suite. Province. - Our site uses cookies to create better experiences for you. The Brunswick Story The Brunswick brand story began in Canada well over 100 years ago. Brunswick is the leading brand of sardines in Canada, caught off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and packaged in our plant in the beautiful community of Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick. Wondering what’s for dinner? Street Name. Cooking: 15 minutes, © Copyright 2017 Brunswick Foods. Your Email (required) Please select topic: Product Information Brunswick. the first ever flavours of BRUNSWICK ® sardines were cottonseed oil and mustard. © Copyright Brunswick Seafood, 2020. Products Brunswick Sardines are wild caught, never farmed. By using our site, you consent to our. Package size. Without this information, we will not be able to respond to your request. All rights reserved. Home Phone. Whip up one of our simple, delicious recipes in no time. Product Information. Country. Today’s busy, on-the-go lifestyle means that … Wild Sardines in Olive Oil YesNo, Are you over 19? We believe the key to a happy life starts with a healthy lifestyle. Product Name Style of product. Please select topic: ProductsCompanyWhere to PurchaseWebsiteOther, Product Name SardinesCrabmeatHerringMackerelSmokedMusselsSmoked OystersSalmonTunaFlavoured TunaTuna Salad, Are you a European Union Data Subject? (Our Freedom Foodies are very important to us so we want to ensure that we respond to your questions and queries as quickly as possible! All rights reserved. Prep time: 3 minutes We are collecting this information to facilitate two way communications with you and to send you relevant and personalized communications in response to your request. City. Product Name. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3. Can Code. Read More Contact Us. Need a fast, nutritious recipe the whole family will love? It starts with finding the best quality seafood in the cleanest, purest waters around the world. City. Suite. Our roots run deep. Postal Code. Street Suffix. Work Phone *Email. Title *First Name *Last Name. You can send this page to someone via email. Privacy Policy Terms of Reference. Street Name. Started by brothers Lewis and Patrick Connors in 1885, the. We promise to call you only if it's urgent), ---General Product InformationConsumer FeedbackCafé / Food Outlet BusinessWholesaler / DistributorInvestor InformationOther Enquiry, Serving: 5

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