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Tomato paste is a concentrate of tomato produced by cooking for a long time, removing seeds and skin, and cooking further. Tomato sauce: ready to use. Second, check the ingredient list; often, tomato sauce is seasoned with herbs, vinegar, or other flavorings. You can also dilute it with some water. You can substitute tomato sauce, with a couple of tweaks: First, cook the tomato sauce to reduce and thicken it just a bit. Alternatively you can add another tin of tomatoes blended up and cook it on a low heat to reduce it (to act like tomato puree) Add message | Report MamanPig Tue 23-Nov-10 16:53:37 Passata is crushed tomato. I consider passata to be the same as tomato puree, which is thicker than tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is more fluid than tomato puree and is often ready to use on pastas. Tomato puree is concentrated - you'd need a lot less of that (and would need extra liquid to compensate for the liquid not added from the tin of tomatoes) posted by EndsOfInvention … Maybe I'm missing something because I'm not experienced but as far as I know tomato paste is used in smaller quantities usually just to add flavour, not really as a base of your sauce. Passata is what you're looking for - you can use that 1:1 for tinned tomatoes. Passata, puree, crushed, etc., it's all essentially the same thing, liquefied tomatoes, just different consistencies. Tomato passata looks exactly like tomato puree, but there are purees available for sale that have been cooked and also have some of the skin and seeds still inside. Tomato puree is a thick sauce made from tomatoes that have been briefly cooked, pureed and strained to remove the seeds and peels. Sauces are usually already seasoned with spices, herbs and vegetables, such as chilli, oregano, basil, onion and garlic. They are different products that are going to produce different results, both flavor-wise and in terms of texture. Tomato Puree. If that's the case, you may need to adjust down the other seasonings in the recipe. Tomato passata is a specific type of tomato puree that is not cooked and has had the skins and seeds removed. Today, instead of the passata, he used almost an entire tube of tomato paste/puree.

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