callaham vintage hardtail bridge

Original author: Jdriver Weapon: Bridge And Tremolo Make: Callaham Model: Vintage Bridge And Tremolo Upgrades Price: The price for the block is $80 including the new arm, and the saddles are $40. Vintage spec hardtail bridge with 6 Vintage-Style "CG" Strat saddles. This bridge fits the '72 Deluxe and Thinline Tele reissues. Callaham designed this bridge specifically for players who have the E strings too close to the edge of the fretboard or who use humbucking pickups. £113.40. I prefer the sound of the basic fender hardtail bridge over the callaham ones. New in package Callaham vintage nickel finish hardtail bridge, with stamped vintage steel saddles, stainless steel mounting screws, and Allen wrench for saddle height adjustment. Callaham V/N Strat ® Bridge Assembly, Right Hand This complete Strat ® bridge assembly is a direct fit for any body with vintage 2-7/32" (56mm) mounting, but has narrow 2-1/16" string spacing. The bridge is strings-through-body style and features vintage 2-7/32" string spacing. I haven't used the ones listed on the warmoth website so I can't really give an opinion … Information . The callaham bridges have a distinct brightness to them that I just don't care for. Bill Callaham of Callaham Guitars has for some time been offering upgraded parts for Stratocasters and Telecasters, mostly involving the bridge and tremolo parts. Introduction. 2-7/32" string spacing. Add to Cart | Callaham Vintage Narrow Strat Bridge Assembly - Limited Production - £178.95. Add to Cart | Callaham Vintage S Model Strat Bridge Assembly. Nickel plated. Callaham Vintage Hardtail Bridge with Enhanced Brass Saddles Specialized for Bigsby Flat Mount styled Vibratos. £152.50.

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