center channel vs bookshelf speakers

in this … Do the "Surrounds" produce a sound that the "Bookshelf" speakers can't? MOVIE & TELEVISION PERFORMANCE. Surrounds like the es250's you linked are called di-pole speakers. share. They're known as bookshelf (or sometimes standmount) speakers. Home theater buyers can partner the Debut B6.2 with ELAC's matching Debut Series F5.2 towers ($299 each), C5.2 center channel speaker ($198) and an ELAC SUB3010 subwoofer ($449). Yes, you can use a matching bookshelf speaker as your center channel, but due to most speakers being designed for the vertical position, you may … speaker like the RS-52ii or can I get the same sound from a pair of RB-61ii's? Everything from modern classics like Mad Max: Fury Road to recent favorite flavors like Yakuza 0. report. Combined with … Instead, a small set of speakers can give you a pretty amazing listening experience. Mounting a Center Channel speaker on the Wall. save. At under 4 inches tall when laid down, the Micca OoO will fit where other speakers won’t. Instead of using a freestanding speaker stand, mounting a center channel speaker on the wall makes more sense in some home theater system. Big speakers might give you the meatiest sound, but not everyone has the space, budget or inclination for a set of floorstanders. I have stud dead center in the middle of the tv which will be perfect for a bookshelf speaker to be mounted as the center channel. Thanks for reading and any responses. As opposed to bi-pole like bookshelves. I was planning on putting a swivel mount on the wall so that I can turn the speakers inward toward my seating postion to matcht the towers. hide. Its slim shape can be used horizontally as a center channel speaker, vertically as bookshelf speakers, or use with optional wall mounting brackets as surround sound speakers. It provides an appropriate height and tilts for ensuring maximum performance. The sound of the staunch left and right channels integrates well into the living room. read the section Rear speaker placement, dipole vs. direct radiating. If i have to mount a horizontal speaker, it will need to be mounted to two studs which will lean either to the left or right side and be off center. They are designed to radiate the sound, and be less direct than bi-pole's. I threw a mess of multi-channel content at the Prime Center and Prime Bookshelf speakers. Speakers in question: Infinity r152 (bookshelf), Infinity rc252 (center) 12 comments. Likewise, a Prime Bookshelf could also be a good center channel option. Rustolem

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