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Bosses . He is never shown speaking, using facial expressions to communicate. No.332. Zeal's general and high-ranking adviser of the magical Kingdom of Zeal, Dalton (ダルトン, Daruton) is depicted as an overall inept character, once even breaking the fourth wall when he complains about the wrong music playing in the background while he stole the Epoch. Chrono Cross' hero Serge is thrust into a parallel world where he died 10 years ago under mysterious circumstances. In the end, they’ll probably direct you to a website filled with fan theories of information that contradict the game. With time travel, the player can manage to replace Crono at the moment before he dies with a clone received from the Millennial Fair in 1000 A.D, saving his life. There simply isn’t a rhyme or reason to any of the story events that make any of it sensible. [10], In a special Chrono Trigger Cross Review, Famicom Tsūshin scored Frog a 39 out of 40.[11]. Chrono Cross might have drawn ... Topless Robot, and TopTenz. No.332. CHRONO TRIGGER CROSS REVIEW - キャラクター: クロノ. [2] He is called Chrono in the Japanese version, and Crono in the North American version. Es ist dem Genre der Rollenspiele zuzuordnen. [5] Kato and Yuji Horii initially proposed Crono's death, though they intended he stay dead; the party would have retrieved an earlier, living version of him to complete the quest. When defeated, he vows revenge and disappears again after stating he will raise the world's greatest army in Porre and defeat Guardia. In the ending FMV scene of the PlayStation and Nintendo DS versions, it is seen that Lucca eventually created a mini-robot modeled after Robo. Using her intelligence and creativity, Lucca invented many devices, such as a battle-training robot named Gato ("Gonzales" in the Japanese version) and a short-range teleporter. Random encounters are rendered useless with no level-ups allowed outside of boss battles. A caped silhouette is seen briefly during the attack on Guardia Castle in the ending FMV from the PlayStation and DS versions of the game, and Masato Kato has stated that the armies of Porre received assistance from "beyond the regular flow of time" in their invasion of Guardia. That is absolutely infuriating as it worsens the entire issue. Masato Kato implied in an interview that this character is the same as Chrono Trigger's Robo, whose real name was also Prometheus. – The story itself, or rather whatever bits and pieces you are given, didn’t seem too bad in the beginning. [17] He has the ability to slip in and out of the shadows of the night at will. Even then, you won’t need any of this because the random battles are laughably easy and, as mentioned before, don’t give you any experience points and are thus feel like a waste of time. Robo is then forced to kill his long-lost, brainwashed companion robot Atropos XR because he refuses to side with her before he manages to shut down the computer. The PlayStation and Nintendo DS versions of Chrono Trigger includes an FMV scene at the end that shows Crono and Marle getting married. It is eventually revealed that Lavos came to Earth with the intention of draining its energy so that it could produce genetically enhanced spawn, which would then continue the cycle on other planets. Chrono Cross is a sequel to the fabled game Chrono Trigger. A gallery of Robotic characters, enemies, and bosses appearing in the Chrono (Series). Several designs were considered for his appearance, including one close to his Chrono Trigger design, one as a teenage boy, and one as a masked magician called Guile. [25] The dialogue lets the characters express the emotions they would rather hide, and the games emphasis on character interaction leads to great emotional investment in Chrono and Marie's relationship, Frog's struggles for redemption, and even Magus's eons-long fight for revenge against Lavos. The game simply fails at giving direction half the time and the times it does are basically tantamount to: “Oh hey! Participating in more than one or two of these random battles per dungeon will yield a wholesome supply of raw materials for forging items such as armor. He is considered unable to use magic because he is not organic, and therefore did not descend from the magic-using people of Zeal. [2] Pig and monkey characters were also considered. Failing to save his sister, Magus is sent away by his sister Schala and erase his memories in a fit of desperation. Magus fights using a scythe, as well as a combination of all magic types, including his own exclusive "Shadow" magic. His three main generals in the Middle Ages they are Ozzie, Slash, and Flea (called Vinegar (ビネガー, Binegā), Soysau (ソイソー, Soisō), and Mayonnai (マヨネー, Mayonē) in the Japanese version). Their English names are taken from the traditional names given to the Magi who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus. It attempted to be “unique” and forgot common sense during the decision-making process of the gameplay. [2], In a special Chrono Trigger Cross Review, Famicom Tsūshin scored Lucca a 27 out of 40.[9]. You may wonder, as I did, why such requirements even exist instead of the standard and more efficient “buy and wear” in standard RPGs. Upon his reactivation, Robo has no memory of his prior mission and joins the party. The creature can be fought, as the "Dream Devourer", which unlocks a new ending. Concerning his death in the game, Kato noted that his policy has always been "to try and create games that run counter to users' expectations, surprise them". Early in Xenogears, Lucca has a brief cameo appearance in the Lahan Village, in which she gives a tutorial about the basics of the game's battle system and explains save points to Fei. Ayla cannot use magic because she was born before humans became capable of doing so. . Also in the Nintendo DS version, most NPCs have given him the title of "the Fiendlord.". In the DS version, she is revealed to have been assimilated by the defeated Lavos in the Time's Eclipse, as in the sequel Chrono Cross. These materials, however, are very easy to find. We’re expected to believe that she’s just being innocently deceived into doing these actions by a villain in the story but that ignores a very fine detail: she tries to bomb refugees fleeing from a war. The problem is that when all of them try to look unique they all result in becoming bland and forgettable. Masato Kato has officially gone on record as stating the circuit is Robo. He lives in the village of Truce with his mother. 28 April 1995. Marle uses a crossbow as her weapon. 28 April 1995. While traveling to AD 2300, Crono, Marle, and Lucca see a video of the Day of Lavos of AD 1999, and decide to prevent it somehow. Clicking on the rat "statue" outside the food storage area allows the player to read a memo attached to it, which warns … It makes the entire forging system feel tedious. The PlayStation and Nintendo DS versions of Chrono Trigger include an FMV scene at the end that shows Crono and Marle getting married. Characters are defined by personality and none of these characters really have any. CHRONO TRIGGER CROSS REVIEW - キャラクター: マール. Often times you’re told to keep moving with no understanding of where, how, or what you’re suppose to be doing in the story. Ayla is the chief of a prehistoric tribe. After the fall of Zeal, the player can choose to fight Magus or spare him, allowing him to reluctantly join the party. CHRONO TRIGGER CROSS REVIEW - キャラクター: 魔王. Lucca battles with a gun and hammer, and when spells become available she learns to cast "Fire" magic. There isn’t any real … 28 April 1995. No.332. Though he lost his memories, Magus is determined to remember what he had desired to find something. The Cybot is an enemy appearing in Chrono Cross and later as fought as a boss in Fort Dragonia ().First appearing in Fort Dragonia, Cybot wander the ancient halls of the fortress, programmed to engage invaders in battle with a vehemence.Cybots appear as large, metallic humanoid robots, and can be either male or female. The player is simply expected to believe that one person has all the right answers and ignore the implications of human rights crimes. He abducts the party shortly after Crono's death and imprisons them on The Blackbird. This is particularly bad for a company like Squaresoft of the PS1 era. It just reinforces the fact that this game tried to be different and edgy without any concern for common sense.

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