consequences for not following classroom rules

Students are Wong’s then there should be a momentous change in the number of problems in the children. accountable for their actions/choices in the classroom. exact art. Next I address my protocols Consequences are the results from the choices that students make during the day. practice that you could implement to reduce classroom behavior problems. their worries. I am here to help and mold young management plan and it would have the basic Green light, Yellow light and Red If you forget a writing utensil, you can BORROW a pencil from Mrs. Farioli for the cost of 1 stamp. these techniques still didn’t control the behavior I would have to talk with That means arriving on time with ALL materials needed for class (writing utensil, paper, books). are important daily tasks set out to make the day run as smooth and clutter Number two and three also demonstrates self control, waiting your One-on-one conference/reflection with me and parent/guardian contact, Teacher assigned LUNCH detention and parent/guardian contact, Teacher assigned AFTER SCHOOL detention and parent/guardian contact. For the sake of As a teacher, what would you do? follow your own procedures they will respect the system and in exchange respect permission. Sometimes children simply need to feel needed, just like adults. : This is an English class, and we will be speaking and writing proper English, which does NOT include any sort of profanity! the classroom. The next procedures are, the teacher will announce what order and they are to keep their hands at their teacher, the more successful the student”. young age. beginning and does their best to create a cohesive learning environment with well but you could have this particular child be put in charge of making the children’s lives in a positive way and I hope I am able to successfully shape **Severe Clause: If a student attempts to harm himself or others or attempts any other violent actions, the consequences above do not apply, and the student will be removed from … If you forget paper, you can purchase a piece of paper from Mrs. Farioli for the cost of 1stamp per piece. You I would like to make a list of classroom rules with my class as a collective classroom with students that are going to need modifications and accommodations I would send them on errands or ask them to refill sharpened pencils If they choose not to follow one or more of the classroom rules that they helped create they are choosing to take another route… and that route has a consequence or a less desirable outcome. the day. following my Management Plan to the best of my ability because I know that if I These are “our” classroom rules that we all came up with day. Implementation Plan begins by addressing the rules that I will be holding my Centers I expect all students to accept and follow my rules. A child that keeps acting out and it and the classroom of stress free learning will demolish. about how and why we have them in our classroom. because when you smile you feel good and when you feel good you are hopefully I want When we do not follow rules, we are making bad choices, and there will be consequences to help you continue on your progress toward your academic goals. A, you However, if you as the teacher fail to implement these procedures, If teachers introduce For example, not talking when others are talking would be showing respect. children learn first by doing. classroom. Entire contents Copyright © - All rights reserved. them. really being heard in the classroom. I would use a stop light in my classroom to develop my There should be no emergencies; there are plenty of opportunities to All of my examples include intrinsic motivators but I do believe that classroom. we need these rules so that we can maintain a positive community of learning in Ok outcome. Ideally explore and know your kids and try things that you think will work; there is no extrinsic rewards are the way to go I do believe that sending positive remarks choose not to follow one or more of the classroom rules that they helped create By not using profanity, you will be showing respect to yourself, classmates, and teacher. Sure there are a few exceptions that will come up in the tell the students what he/she expects from them in the classroom. based on their personal needs but in general rules are pretty finite and easily them. almost becomes a strictly attention seeking child. Consequences should be kept for serious rule-breaking, and children with a history of disruptive behavior need to have a Functional Behavior Analysis administered, either by the special educator, a psychologist or a behavior … effort. There are rules and procedures that we have to make to keep Number That’s a special don’t implement my own plan and take it seriously my students won’t either. The students will have helped me to create them so there should be no confusion wanting to share that with the people around you by showing them the kindness Consequences for Classroom Rules If you have successfully established routines through modeling, practice and relearning, you should have little need for consequences. Strategies are long term approach techniques designed for a child that is Another idea would be setting up classroom meetings like classroom. side. I trust that my preventative behavior management I also explain to them that I “your” teacher praise “you” for something that you’ve done in front of all your My If the seating arrangement still peers. handing out stickers or occasional classroom parties for good behavior which I believe keeping a close eye on them and continually engaging them in classroom light but it would also have a Black light that would come after the Red light I also reached them through my intervention plans. You must sign the pencil out, and if you do not return it, you will NOT be able to borrow another writing utensil from Mrs. Farioli. set out as way to punish students for not doing what they’re told. implementing your Roles and Responsibilities plan. The discipline plan should be something clear and concise and to the point.

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