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Search. Former deputy ag secretary Kathleen Merrigan highlights the top non-farm-bill issues that are currently impacting agriculture. Agricultural businesses that ruin the land, have chemical run-off in local water sources and inadvertently harm wildlife don’t help to sustain the business or the environment. Gene editing is an important tool that can unlock tremendous benefits for consumers and the environment, and help farmers grow healthier, more sustainable food, fiber and fuel. Agriculture runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. All Rights Reserved. However, recalls aren’t uncommon, especially with produce. Sharing information to help each other helps the entire industry and the world as a whole. read more, Wild horses and burros are to be managed according to the Wild and Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act of 1971, which not only specifies where wild horses and burros can occupy public lands but that they shall be managed in a manner that produces a thriving natural ecological balance. read more, While this year has been challenging for many, there’s always something to be thankful for. It helps farmers grow more food while improving the environment. Securing a reliable and competent workforce for our nation’s farms and ranches is essential to agriculture and the U.S. economy. But with a recovery rate of less than two percent, the Endangered Species Act is a failing to accomplish its mission. read more, The 2018 Farm Bill is a complete package, and one that will serve all Americans. Next is the unethical treatment of animals. read more, Farmers and ranchers are reducing their environmental footprint through modern agricultural techniques that produce food more efficiently. read more, Insect pollination is critical to agriculture, and honey bees alone contribute more than an estimated $15 billion to the agricultural economy. Often times, farm workers deal with terrible and even dangerous conditions, yet are underpaid and may not even have health insurance. Sign Out . Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Many have a difficult time seeing this as an actual ethics issue facing the agricultural industry. Latest Agriculture Topics. National Monument designations, under the Antiquities Act of 1906, are meant to ensure the proper care and management of historic landmarks and other objects of historic or scientific interest. Of course, there are ways to improve agricultural ethics. Farmers want to use chemicals to reduce pests and increase production. read more, The U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement will lower tariffs and put U.S. farmers and ranchers on a level playing field to compete in Japan with countries that participate in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is a fight that’s existed for generations; but, it’s still not solved. However, unethical treatment leads to lower quality products, meaning it’s worth investing to treat animals better. read more, America’s farmers and ranchers need viable rural communities to supply the services needed to support their families and agricultural operations. Anonymous hotlines help everyone in the industry report unethical behavior to ensure a better industry overall. Beekeepers, federal and state regulators, farmers and ranchers, and academic researchers are all engaged in the effort to identify the causes of honey bee decline and to find a solution. If dairy policy is to evolve and keep pace with these changes, dairy farmers need to be involved. The Centre’s attempt to bulldoze the states on agriculture weakens the entire reform process. read more, Farmers and ranchers welcome the clarity and commonsense the new Clean Water Rule provides. The World Through a Lens Snapshots of Daily Life in a Remote Region of Portugal. And controversial. Further development and use of renewable fuel and energy sources such as ethanol, biodiesel, biomass and wind are critical to our nation’s energy future and will strengthen the overall national security of the United States. Of course, this also includes using steroids and hormones to boost growth and production. Latest; Search. This includes from the growing phase to when it’s put out for the public to buy. That certitude often stems from knowledge that is deep but not wide. Asked why she had recently left … © 2020 Ethical Advocate., © 2020 American Farm Bureau Federation ® | legal | privacy, Tax Incentives for Renewable Fuel and Energy, 2021 American Farm Bureau Virtual Convention, 2020 Farm Bureau Virtual Target: Trust Engagement Training, 2021 Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year Contest.

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