conversation between two friends in restaurant in french

which is a formal phrase to make a suggestion. Other such things include beginning to clean up and store away dining chairs before the last customer is gone, closing the shutters etc. translates to "what ! Je suis pressé de toutes façons. ", It can also used to mean "that's some nerve !" You use it when settling for whatever is being offered even though that's not what you really want. Learn words and phrases about keeping, sharing, or revealing a secret in French "non plus, merci". He uses the phrase : "Puis-je vous suggérer ..."  (may I suggest). The customer is saying he should not be handed the restaurant check before finishing his meal, let alone right after completing his order. referring to a bad or a strange driver), "Drôle de voiture !" He adds that he's a hurry anyway - suggesting he would have left otherwise. Guy is famous for his short stories, which paint a fascinating picture of French life in the 19th century. You typically say "si je peux me permettre" when talking to someone you don't know in order to suggest something, or say something that may be perceived as inappropriate or too personal : "Si je peux me permettre, vous avez fait tomber quelque chose" (if I may, you've dropped something), "Si je peux me permettre, cette robe vous va très bien" (if I may say so, this dress suits you very well), "Vous devriez changer de rouge à lèvre, si je peux me permettre." Tu veux venir ? Oui je sais mais nous fermons la caisse... Si vous vouliez bien régler tout de suite ... Good afternoon sir, are you ready to order ? - Dialogue : A new teacher - Dialogue : A visitor from abroad - Dialogue : after a visit at the dentist's. Notice he again uses "en"  to indicate his choice ("for main course") as discussed earlier : He also says "je prendrai" to order the course, which is equivalent to "je vais prendre". We are going to eat in a Mexican food in Bastille. allows you to learn new languages completely free of charge. Alors à demain soir . The restaurant waiter acknowledges the customer's selection saying "très bien", meaning "very well", "sure", "OK". ), "Il leur reste de l'argent ?" Notice that in "si vous le souhaitez", "le" is masculine and so does not refer to the salad, instead it refers to the act of having fruit salad : "we have fruit salad if you want to have some". Si je peux me permettre, je vous conseillerais plutôt la salade russe. Like in English, "je suis vraiment désolé" (I'm really sorry) is a way of apologizing, followed by the reason, with or without "mais" in between : "Je suis désolé, nous n'avons pas ce modèle" (I'm sorry, we don't carry this model), "Je suis désolée mais je n'ai pas le temps"  (I'm sorry but I don't have time). Is 7:30 ok. Mike: Yes, that's fine. - Dialogue : At the bakery - Dialogue : At the chemist's. "non, pas vraiment"  (are you hungry ? "Elle vient tout juste de sortir"  (she just went out), "Le bébé vient tout juste de naitre" (the baby was just born), "On vient juste de le voir" (we just saw him). The other friend tries to convince him to go to the doctor and offers help. This shows that, in light of the problem, he's looked for and found an alternative, which is to order a fish course. The waiter then has an unexpected reaction : "Si je peux me permettre, je vous conseillerais plutôt la salade russe". In that case, I'll have the sole meunière. Here are some typical French conversation starters examples. Oui, c'est de la part de qui s'il vous plaît? but is a way to ask "are you ready to order ?". I am sorry, his line is busy. I'm in a hurry anyway. The waiter is undaunted, and suggests the pizza. En plat de résistance, je prendrai le gratin de fruits de mer s'il vous plait. A conversation in French between two friends, How to speak French fluently : the best approach to learning a spoken language. Paul : Ah! (fine, I'll go with the black jacket). ), The waiter replies "bien monsieur", another common way of answering a customer in the catering business : "very well sir". Beg your pardon. Bye. I have a very interesting proposal for him. But we do have fruit salad if you wish. An alternative question you'll often hear is : The customer answers "je vais prendre le menu à 15€". If I may, I would suggest the Russian salad instead. For more ways of expression anger and excitement in spoken French, check out 17 great ways to express anger in spoken French. French Dialogues Between Two Friends “Two friends” was written by Guy De Maupassant.French writer Guy de Maupassant in full Henry-René-Albert-Guy de Maupassant, born August 5, 1850, near Dieppe, France. Would you like to call back later or leave a message? If you don't mind paying right away... Now that's amazing ! That's what "va pour la salade" (fine, I'll go with the salad) may indicate. C’est joli ici : c’est la première fois que je viens ici, et vous ? ", Here, "comment !" "Deux coupes de champagne s'il vous plait". We'll see you at 7:30 on Friday. He adds "ça ira plus vite !" French, 05.11.2020 14:00, vannahboo2022 Write a conversation between two friends at a restaurant. The waiter then asks "que souhaitez-vous en entrée ?". The expression "Va pour ..." is often used when deciding for an option, or settling for something one did not initially want : "Allez, va pour une balade à vélo"  (fine, let's go for the bike ride), "Va pour la veste noire." The word "plutôt" indicates the customer should get the salad instead of the soup - not in addition to it. 4.9 Im Restaurant (2) Having now found somewhere to sit and ordered a drink, Anna Müller and Margarete Schäfer are now ready to order their meal. Mike: I'd like to make a reservation for 2 people on Friday night. Oui, je vais prendre le menu à 15€ s'il vous plait. What’s the matter? (some quality ! Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. As you'll see in the dialogue, this restaurant is one of those places you may want to avoid. Fine ... And a glass of white wine. Mike: 8:00. Bonjour monsieur, avez-vous fait votre choix ? Very well. C’est Claudia et Steven, de mon université. How nice (it is) here: it’s my first time here, and you? Saying "Quoi !" He's being sarcastic as he can't really imagine a French restaurant running out of white wine at lunch time. Pierre is really a good cook. He's blaming the waiter and the restaurant for its bad service. Yes, ask him to call me as soon as possible. , actually meaning "some service you have here ! If you don't have the correct software, your computer may prompt you to download it in order to listen. In this article, we look at a conversation between waiter and customer in a restaurant in French. John : Non. (are you thirsty ? For example, if you go to a store to buy fresh fish, you may ask the store keeper : "Qu'est-ce-que vous avez aujourd'hui ?" Example : "Vous avez faim ?" Bonjour. ", "Drôle de qualité !" (do they have any money left ? It's a bit like saying "well just bring me that pizza and let's get it over with". This is another very common expression used in the catering and bar business to take an order from a customer, often for follow-up items : "Et en boisson, qu'est-ce-que ce sera ?" For example, if someone cuts in the line right in front of you, you may say out loud  : "ah ben ça c'est un peu fort ! By the way… You should also listen and hear real French. "En rester" (have any left) is a very common phrase in spoken French : "Il vous reste de la choucroute ? Il vous en reste ?" Muito divertido este artigo, realmente um sentido de humor extraordinário, reflectido não só na situação em si mas também no vocabulário utilizado. Here again, "euh" marks the waiter's embarrassement, as everyone knows that in a restaurant, the check is only given to a customer at the end of the meal. At this stage, he still trusts the waiter and wants to follow his suggestion. (literally "how!") John : Nous allons manger mexicain à Bastille. (for dessert), "Que souhaitez-vous en apéritif / digestif ?".

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