creative street photography

The proximity of people to each other can often tell an interesting story, and I’m always on the look-out for eye contact between strangers. Of course, you could also try focusing on the street and having the raindrops blurred. But bright sunlight is fantastic for shooting more creative street photography. Look for ironic and clever placement of street features to tell the story. This might sound challenging! Shooting from behind also shows the viewer what your subject was looking at. Framing elements also add context to your image. It’s great for drawing the viewer’s eye towards the subject within the frame. Ensure you zoom out to either 1x or 2x magnification. So make sure you start exploring more unique angles to shoot from. We want our subjects to be in sharp focus. It allows you to remain discreet as the person won’t see you taking their photo. You can even use cars to create amazing reflection street photography. Look For Relationships and Connections, 6. You could shoot from the outside to capture a person in a cafe, shop, or vehicle. Perhaps you could shoot from a lower angle. A really powerful technique is to use reflections to create striking symmetrical compositions. Normally, we strive to shoot perfectly sharp photos. Then swipe up or down to adjust exposure if you wish. His project Lost Angels sees portrait… Blur works particularly well for street photography. Sometimes, as compared to single images, they let you express bigger stories by presenting your images in a specific way and tell a complete story in a more conventional way. 'RealPlayer.RealPlayer(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', Or you could shoot from inside. Letting the eye ‘rest’ by including big skies or plain walls in your photographs is a creative way to incorporate some emotion into your street photography too, as it can often evoke feelings of desolation, calm, or unease. My favourite for this is a 50mm prime lens because it’s compact, unobtrusive, light, and provides great sharp photos. You can use the contrast between light and shade to create intriguing compositions. Another interesting technique is to defocus the camera before you take the picture. So try to catch a moment when the subject is in full stride. Creative Street Photography From Inside; 3. Reflections are a great way to create extraordinary compositions from an ordinary scene. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re constantly connecting with buildings, objects, other humans, and nature. Find a vertical reflective surface, such as a shop window or a building with a reflective facade. I have to blame @North Borders for the inspiration. Get disciplined with your craft by only packing one lens for the day. And this will actually draw more attention to yourself. Keep your composition simple then experiment in Lightroom with adjusting colours and tones. This creative photography technique can really help tell a story and add a unique quality to your street photos. Get some critters into your frame! All these reflected elements will add incredible visual interest to your photos. Once you’ve found a bright background, compose your shot. To create this effect, you’ll need to use a third-party iPhone camera app with a manual focus feature. Tips For Making Your Street Photography Fine Art Take Your Time. There’s no need to be sneaky when photographing strangers. Windows reflect glaring sunlight and bright shop windows throw light onto the footpath, and it’s sometimes necessary to point the camera towards this light. How about getting a close-up shot of a person’s hands? Perspective in photography is an important skill to master. Animals provide an interesting contrast between highly controlled architecture and society, and uninhibited nature. Do you want to know another creative way to use windows in your street photography? It is one of the easiest yet most…, See all articles in Creative Photography Projects. Shiny floors inside buildings are another great place to capture reflections. So try it out for yourself. You can invest…, Printing your images can turn into a struggle if you don't know what you're doing. You can use the camera’s gridlines to help you get the line of symmetry perfectly central. Use Negative Space; 13. It’s also a great way to ease yourself into taking photographs in a public space. This can add an extra layer and another point of interest to your photo. Another way to use foreground objects is to shoot through something that distorts or blurs the subject behind it. This might also be the moment you snap that bird flying past at the critical moment! Next, swipe down to darken the exposure. When you’re responding quickly to events unfolding, it’s not always practical to move to where the light is in the right place. Because harsh light creates dramatic shadows. The lack of color and detail allows the viewer to create their own narrative about the subject. You don’t need to be too hung up about the weather or gear – check out these creative street photography tips and ideas, grab a camera and I’ll see you out there! Once again using the light, silhouettes can look great in your photos. Once you start looking, you’ll spot interesting framing elements all around you. on the sidewalk. Locking focus allows you to take lots of photos of the scene without having to set focus and exposure for each new shot. A colorful background can make your photos pop and save them from looking dull. Rest your weary legs by heading inside, ordering a hot beverage, and sitting by the window. And it allows for more creativity when you’re shooting. Remember that you can darken shadows further using an editing app such as Snapseed. And high-contrast images with shadows often look great when converted to black and white. Street photography is often about adrenaline, capturing the decisive moment, and moving fast. Don’t be afraid to experiment. When you take your shot, use burst mode to capture a sequence of images as you move the camera. And this can create a very powerful street photo. My agenda is always to depict life that is quirky, beautiful, and says something honest and meaningful about the subject. Creative things happen on the street at all times of the day – not just the ‘golden hour‘ when the light is perfect. You never quite know what you’re going to get when photographing candid street scenes. Do you want the raindrops in sharp focus and the background blurred? Try to capture the facial expressions of the people behind the glass. Or hold your iPhone at hip level and point it upwards. First, I’d recommend creating blur at the time of shooting – rather than using an app to blur your photo in post-processing. If you zoom to any other number, the image quality will be reduced. Keep experimenting until you achieve an effect that you like. But in most urban locations, you won’t be able to see the sunset like this. There are times to be in the middle of the action, and others when you can capture a powerful photograph by standing apart from a different viewpoint. And what if you’re shooting in the middle of the day? Be ready for conversations and be confident with your street photography ideas and agenda. Shoot using burst mode to ensure you have lots of shots to choose from. Frame your shot to include both the light and shadow in the frame. To activate burst mode, simply hold down the shutter button while you shoot. You’ve already learned about capturing multi-layered images in window reflections. This approach provides a very different perspective for creative street photography. When you’ve found a suitable window with a person behind it, look at the reflections in the glass. One very effective way to do this is to capture the street in a window reflection. So here’s the key to getting perfectly focused raindrops: Zoom in by pinching outwards on the screen. When you’re really confident, try getting up close to the subject for a headshot photo. To improve your confidence, just believe that you have the right to capture what interests you. If you’re shooting straight on at the window, you’ll even see your own reflection in the glass.

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