curly endive cooked

3 pounds curly endive (or any leafy green of your choice, like chicory or chard) 1 cup white vinegar (for adding to soaking water) 1 tablespoon salt 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 … If the leaves are at all tough or bitter, it is best to serve curly endive cooked in soups or vegetable ragouts. Curly Endive and Escarole Serving Suggestions. Place the leaves in a large bowl of cold water and swish around, allowing any dirt or grit to sink to the bottom. Curly endive can be served raw with a vinaigrette that is flavored with shallots, mustard, or garlic. Look for heads with deep-green outer leaves and a white to pale-yellow heart. It can be eaten raw in salads, but cooking mellows its assertively bitter flavor. Curly endive is a “true” endive and depending upon location is sometimes mistakenly referred to as frisée or chicory. Curly endive, also known as frisee and chicory, has tightly bunched, frizzy leaves and is mostly eaten as a salad green. Unlike Belgian endive, Curly endive is field grown in an open growth style. Broad-leafed endive, familiarly known as escarole, is delicious raw or cooked. Curly endive, a hearty green related to endive and escarole, has narrow stems and frilly, very curly leaves. The exterior leaves can be tied up a few days prior to harvest to allow the inner … Lift the endive out of the bowl and place in a colander to strain for half an hour. Escarole can be served raw in salads or it can be sautéed and added to a soup. Can substitute Italian sausage, loose or bite sized cut links, cooked well enough before adding. Tear the leaves off a large head of curly endive, also known as frisee. If substitute endive or kale, you will have to cook the greens longer than the endive.

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