custody of child singapore

Issues pertaining to child maintenance are dealt with at the Family Court and not the Syariah Court in Singapore. Custody refers to the parent who has legal decision-making authority in the life of a child. There is no such law. Everyone seems to be trying some... Understanding Child Custody: Sole Custody & Joint Custody, CHILD CUSTODY – SHARED CARE AND CONTROL CASE STUDIES, 4 KEY QUESTIONS ABOUT CHILD CUSTODY IN SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE INTERIM CUSTODY CARE AND CONTROL APPLICATIONS, Alternative to Divorce – 7 Reasons to opt for Judicial Separation in Singapore, Decided To Get Divorced? Main Office3 Shenton Way, Shenton House #11-10, Singapore 068805. 1) Custody order . It is for us to discuss your matter briefly and to provide you with a general overview. Should you require legal representation, kindly contact Gloria James-Civetta & Co for a free 20 minute consultation with one of our family lawyers. Things You Need To Know. The court has generally been in favour of joint custody so that parental bonds are maintained and both parents can execute their common responsibilities for the upbringing and development of their children. 2. However, reasonable access does not automatically include overnight access. The parent, which has care and control over the child, is the parent with whom the child lives with on a day-to-day basis. You may read more on relocation in our article here. What happens if your spouse refuses to act when served divorce papers? Further, we’re not just here to talk - we’re here to deliver REAL outcomes as your lawyer. There is no time limit for this. A “child” is defined by the Women’s Charter as a child of the marriage whom is below 21 years of age ; What do “Custody”, “Care and Control” and “Access” mean? Established Child Custody & Maintenance Lawfirm Divorce, more often than not, can be quite a messy, emotional experience. It is best to stipulate what happens during school holidays as well. Pre Divorce Strategy ; How to Explain Divorce to your Child. See: Sections 122 to 126 of Women’s Charter (Singapore) Your divorce lawyer can assist by: 1. Can I restrict access if my spouse is a bad influence? However if you are truly unable to afford the services of lawyers, we will recommend that you approach the legal aid bureau or law society pro bono services to see if you qualify. Factors that the Court will consider include: 1. 4 KEY QUESTIONS ABOUT CHILD CUSTODY IN SINGAPORE; SINGAPORE INTERIM CUSTODY CARE AND CONTROL APPLICATIONS; Should you require legal representation, kindly contact Gloria James-Civetta & Co for a free 20 minute consultation with one of our family lawyers. As a parent, the welfare and well-being of your children come first. Our first consultation is free. Normally, this order is passed when the couple’s relationship has gone downhill so bad to the extent that they could not even look at each other, let even talk to one another. In making custody and access decisions, the Court protects the interests of children and ensures that they are taken care of in the best possible way. This custody arrangement is rare and is usually issued by the court only when the other parent is deemed ‘unfit’ for custody. Please seek appropriate legal advice before making any decision. * This is a microsite brought to you by Emerald Law. This includes matters pertaining to religion, education and healthcare. Prior to moving to Singapore, she was the lead psychologist in providing competent, impartial child custody evaluations for family courts in the US. Child Custody and Child Relocation – Singapore Law The Singapore Legal Position In Singapore, the legal principle guiding the courts in relocation applications is similar to that in many countries: the welfare of the child is the paramount consideration.

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