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In this type of fabric, twill weave is used to form diagonal lines in the fabric. Waffle fabric is normally made up of cotton. Velour fabric is used in jackets and coats manufacturing. Damask fabric is used in tablecloths and bed clothing. Muslin is a lightweight, plain weave fabric. Generally, fabrics take the name of the fiber used to manufacture it such as fabrics made out of 100% Cashmere Fibers is named as Cashmere Fabric. If you have problems with laundry, you probably don't understand the properties of different types of fabrics. presentation on different types of fabrics. This kind of fabric has a quilted appearance that is done by using wadding threads and a tightly bound weave. Herringbone fabric is used in formal wear and coats. %PDF-1.4 Seersucker cotton fabric is used in shirts, blouses, and dresses. | Types of Twist in Textile | Direction of Yarn Twists. Velour is a soft closely woven fabric with a short cut-pile formed by raising or brushing. Waffle cloth is a honeycomb weave that is made on a dobby loom. Its design is produced by interchanging satin and sateen weaves. This type of fabric is used in the manufacturing of outerwear, formal wear, coats, and jackets. Thousands of fabrics are available in the market to satisfy the apparel manufacturers.Our textile manufacturing industry is trying to satisfy those apparel manufacturers by producing different types of fabric in weaving or knitting factories. Here is a list of some popular fabrics which are presented here with their images and uses. it is a lightweight, balanced plain-woven sheer fabric. 1.1 INTRODUCTION The term ‘Textile’ is originally a Latin word meaning ‘woven’. Presently it is applied to all kinds of textile fibres, yarns and fabrics. It is a closely woven plain weave fabric that is made from filament yarns. To produce duck fabric, cotton or linen yarns are used. Gingham fabric is a plain weave, lightweight fabric that is usually produced by using cotton, which is yarn-dyed in nature. In this class we will talk about the general properties of different kinds of fabrics, how to care for them, and why you might what to use them for certain jobs, and not others. Actually, herringbone fabric is a type of twill weave and the fabric made by this is called herringbone fabric. Taffeta fabric has a higher density of warp yarns than weft thus giving the fabric a weft-way rib appearance. This type of fabric is made with cotton and it has a shiny appearance. While cowhide is the most popular animal skin used for leather, comprising about 65 percent of all leather produced, almost any animal can be made into leather, from crocodiles to pigs to stingrays. DISCRIPTION chiffon q Chiffon is aFrench word which means cloth or rag. Seersucker cotton fabric is characterized by a crinkled appearance. Basic Types of Fabrics that uses in all Garments Leather is any fabric that is made from animal hides or skins, and different leathers result from different types of animals and different treatment techniques. Velvet is a cut-pile fabric, which gives a soft fuzzy appearance. The fabric is used in evening wear and linings. State the popular methods of making fabrics. :����0;��q6��k2��_��� ���RxI6���/_ե ������K^ub/�g2C�!>m/�"��P�;���k�^����( ��$ĝPe���v�{��H1���d�����r������@�e �Ř42�(�*"ɛ;�#1κ"s�����J�(y������{�tpڸ��Υ�' �T�oZp϶wK�}y���D�-�'8F�{xF� �lF��+�����X>2��p@�Y�I��E����^�b[W}�6�!=�����e�l���7_�|[�Jى `�l��4Bu]��.���^. x��YK�#7��W�90�TRK�0�;��&9,9�!�^��G�ңԒ�ݻx�hI����K������ ��� �������/� �����_���Ɯ�`�x������9H3����U�ˋz �З�*�� Tweed fabric is a woolen woven fabric produced from coarse, irregular yarns, with contrasting weft and warp yarns. %äüöß Whipcord fabric is a compact medium weight warp-face twill fabric which is produced usually from wool.

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