discus tank mates

Cardinal tetras is the best tank mate for your discus. Avoid anything that grows large or is naturally aggressive such as Parrot cichlids, Jack Dempsey, Firemouths, Severums and Oscars. Keeping the tank covered at all times is the best way to prevent them from escaping. The opposing group says this has never happened to them. Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started with Discus Fish, Discus Fish Aquarium Requirements & Set Up, The Ultimate Discus Fish Guide – Types, Tank Mates, Food, Breeding. if you plan to house other species of fish along with the discus, it is necessary that you choose those that can also survive in similar water parameters. Whatever fish you decide to keep with your Discus, they will benefit from the extra attention. Additionally, the rasbora is unfussy when it comes to food. This species boasts a beautiful variety of colors, similar to that of peacock feathers. May 15, 2019 - Explore Carlotta Brainard's board "Discus & Tank Mates", followed by 118 people on Pinterest. Corydiras Catfish are well known in helping fish owners with cleaning maintenance. Your email address will not be published. Avoid boisterous, small-fish eating catfish such as the Pictus, Pimelodus pictus. They enjoy a combination diet of both vegetable matter and meat along with commercial-based flakes and pellets. Bristle-noses, Ancistrus, is my personal favorite. Similar to any other species, the discus fish can become aggressive when mating and it is recommended that aquarists separate the pair in a spawning tank – away from the community. Discus Tankmates; Slideshow; Videos; Custom Aquariums & Maintenance. Common plecos, Liposarcus multiradiatus, and Sailfin plecos, Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps will grow rather large in this type of set-up, so are best considered only if you have a large tank. Algae eaters are important in a plant tank but should be selected carefully. At 30ºC / 86ºF, this will make it impossible for many common ailments such as white spot to reproduce, thus creatin… You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Required fields are marked *. When kept in a group of eight or more, the long fin red white cloud fish will become more active and colorful. Lack of hiding areas can cause the German blue ram to stress and suffer. Additionally, the discus lays egg and there is a potential danger to the fry as well as the eggs from other tank mates. So, make sure you provide these peaceful fish with lots of hiding areas and covers to rest during the daytime. Another good companion for the discus is the Ancistrus, more commonly known as the bristlenose pleco or the bushynose pleco. They are peaceful and adaptable to different water conditions. Discus fish are slow moving schooling fish and when looking for tank mates, select the ones that are slow moving as well. Feed the fish at least twice a day. They are omnivores and enjoy a meal that includes a variety of flake foods, vegetable matter, and freeze-dried bloodworms. It is a master of disguise and can grow up to 5 or 6 inches. Although, they are suitable tank mates for the discus, but if you happen to have an aggressive fish in your tank, separate it before adding the German blue ram. Discus Tank Mates. In fact, if you have a shy discus that is often found hiding in the corners of the aquarium, put in a school of cardinal tetras to enhance its socializing behavior. These types of fish are easy to care for and thrive when provided with great quality water not exceeding 77 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also preferable that the water is filtered through activated carbon or subject to a carbon block tapwater filter before being added to the aquarium. Firstly, they are simply beautiful to look at and blend in well with the exotic colored discus fish. The great desire of aquarists who feed Discus is that their fish are healthy and happy. Feeding is not a problem as they take prepared staple food along with supplements of … With its large, disc-shaped body and its availability in a rainbow of colors, this species of the Cichlid family is a favorite for many fish keepers. Remember, if you are planning to breed a discus pair, separate them from the community tank. Those against will cite cross-infection of parasites, particularly internal ones. Discus keepers fall broadly into two categories. Corydoras catfish. We also carry timeless classics such as the Peter Thode Turquoise and Schmidt-Focke Striated Red Discus. As far as size is concerned, Discus are more than capable of looking after themselves if threatened. At 30ºC / 86ºF, this will make it impossible for many common ailments such as white spot to reproduce, thus creating a healthier environment. Cardinal tetras are beautiful and fun to watch.

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