doors for pax wardrobe frame

Drill holes for door hardware. Other than that - I was finally successful. All other construction shots are taken from the bathroom, the bedroom door to the right. Particleboard, Fiberboard, ABS plastic, Polypropylene, Foil. An idea that's shaped its whole development. 00. Install BERGSBO doors and KOMPLEMENT drawers at the bottom. For reference the first photo of completed closet is taken from the bedroom with the bathroom door to the left. I used 4 inch L brackets. Today, completely out of the blue (I hadn't opened the wardrobe in well over a week), the pegs for the top shelf dislodged on their own on one side, causing the shelf to violently crash into the second shelf, and the second shelf into the third. In the end, just personalize it by adding your favorite doors. Built to last for years. IKEA ITEMS USED: PAX. Final steps, flooring, hardware, and moldings. It comes in different dimensions and designs, so you can choose one to fit your space and style. I would hire you. Have a little look around — not too obviously, just a peek. Very clever, well done and thanks for sharing. I never finished the complete assembly - it became obvious that the unit is too flimsy for my use. My rough hand drawing of my design idea. We had a cheaper durable plastic shelf from Sam's club there prior but the shelving wasn't flat so not everything sat completely level. Online shopping, delivery delays, availability of products are a few. Now I installed my chosen KOMPLEMENT hanging bars, interior drawers and shelves. Of course it happens just outside of the warranty window. Add facia. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bringing this research together, the result is a series of interior organizers that can be adapted for particular uses, from multi-purpose drawers and hangers, to specific features for everything from shoes, to pants, to jewelry. The shelf supports seem substandard for the size and weight of the shelves - the second shelf I installed collapsed, dislodged the first shelf, and blew out a section of the super thin back that's provided for the cabinet. This 2nd setup for us, requested to leave last one with sold home now to new home, Works perfectly for the room we placed it i, LOOKS GOOD BUT NOT THE BEST QUALITY FOR THE MONEY. The original wardrobes were excellent with their hardware and finish had aging acceptably. That’s three delivery fees. :P. Great wardrobe. Waste of money - lesson learned. Door with hinges19 1/2x90 3/8 ". I put screws in from the inside of the drawers for permanent attachment. The new unit is equally well made and attached perfectly to the original one. The green color you chose is absolutely georgeous! You did a beautiful job. I was finally able to return the doors and shelves for a refund, but the cabinet was too large for my vehicle, and a rental truck would cost as much as the value of the refund. Build the PAX frames per instructions, I built them standing up because of clearance. NO Corner. So whether you're a 'super organizer' or a 'piler' type of clothes person we hope you'll be able to match your storage to suit your style. 10-year Limited Warranty. Minimum ceiling height required: 96 ½ " . Your email address will not be published. I decided to use the 76 5/8 inch BERGSBO doors with a KOMPLEMENT drawer underneath. What to do? The one that is provided is extremely thin and flexible - it's actually two pieces hinged together with a tape strip & folded to fit in the box. 32 items. Well constructed, really helped organized our closets, incredibly easy to assemble with the instructions and exta 'tools'. I WOULD RATHER THEY CHARGE A BIT MORE MONEY BUT GIVE ME MORE QUALITY PERTAINING TO HIGHER STRENGTH MATERIALS. Combine interiors organizers with frames in different heights, widths, and finishes and choose hinged or sliding doors in a style you like. A wardrobe frame is like a building block for grown-ups. Hope you like my DIY PAX walk through closet. You should open a design business!! Use spacers for lining the drawer fronts up evenly. Our PAX hinged wardrobe doors come in different sizes and designs like mirrored glass, paneled wood effects and many more. I just wish the unit depths came in another size between 13 and 22. Sturdy and easy to put together. The idea is that each organizer can be mixed or repeated as you choose, so if you want to store your whole sneaker collection inside, or have everything hanging, you can.

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