dry food storage containers

$39.99 $ 39. For this review of containers for storing dry goods, we added Brilliance’s line of containers and another well-reviewed Rubbermaid product to our list to see how they held up to other highly rated containers. ", "This set of matching containers is ideal for anyone looking to create an organized kitchen. However, the sugar container could certainly be used for storing beans or pasta or other dry foods that aren’t plagued by pantry pests and another of the airtight ProKeepers used for storing white sugar instead. Reviewers comment that the container is sturdy, easy to open and close, and looks attractive on the shelf. When we removed the container from the water and unsealed the lid, if the tissue paper was wet, the container wasn’t airtight. The Progressive – Prepworks ProKeeper six-piece set is the most unique and well-designed container system that we tested. The manufacturer recommends hand washing only for both lids and containers. Since this is a modular design, the lids fit all the containers. Reviewers appreciate the high-quality construction of these containers—and their newly neat and organized pantry and cupboards thanks to the OXO containers. These durable and attractive Tritan plastic containers are perfectly airtight and wide enough for scooping and measuring. The Chef’s Path containers have a sleek, modern design, but they aren’t airtight. Airtight Food Storage Containers - Wildone Cereal & Dry Food Storage Container Set of 16 [54oz /1.6L] for Sugar, Flour and Baking Supplies, Leak-proof & BPA … Stored foods cannot get any better than what originally went in, but they can certainly get worse. In our review of food storage containers, Rubbermaid – Brilliance won best plastic food storage container for refrigerating, freezing and reheating food, because of its durability, ease of opening/closing and its 100% airtight seal, thanks to a thick, built-in silicone gasket. (Reviewers suggest moistening the ring every few months to aid this effort.) Another standout is the Rubbermaid – Brilliance four-container set, which is also airtight and allows easy access for scooping and measuring baking essentials. The containers are made from BPA-free plastic, with airtight lids that are easy to open. The white sugar container is large enough to store four pounds of sugar, so it’s a shame the clever pour spout didn’t work better in keeping contents airtight. He created About.com's Meat and Wild Game Cooking website and published hundreds of recipes, interviews, cookbook reviews and blog posts about food trends. Flour Container, Best for Brown Sugar: If you are a serious baker—with many types of flour always on hand—you’ll appreciate that these containers easily stack, and do not take up too much real estate in the refrigerator or pantry. Each one has features for a specific ingredient, such as flour, brown sugar or cake toppings. Container Store Click Clack Cubes with Stainless Lids, The 9 Best Food Storage Containers of 2020, Best for Spices: If you wish to store dried food items, such as beans, lentils and short pasta, these glass containers would be a decent alternative to plastic containers. For functionality, special features and protection from pantry pests, these beautifully designed dry food storage containers are your best bet. The design of the Rubbermaid containers—available individually or as a set—is perfect for container lovers. Reviewers use them for all sorts of food items: coffee pods, dog treats, and of course, dried foods. The ClickClack Cube Storage Container has an airtight seal, yet opens easily without requiring a great deal of force. Frequent criticism of the Rubbermaid Modulars is that the lids are ill-fitting and difficult to snap on. The POP lids are a great idea. A well-arranged larder makes it easy to navigate where your ingredients are, when it's time to replenish, and when it's time to throw out any expired product.

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