economics major stereotypes

What the fuck is the subjunctive?”- Ed, Politics with Quantitative Methods, Edinburgh, “Your teacher said something about speaking another language making you more employable. Much less colouring in, none in fact. 4 For age and political stereotypes, evidence points more strongly toward exaggeration. It was the only thing that ever made sense to you because it was so logical. Biomedical engineering: masochistic premeds and egotists Mechanical engineering: former BMEs Economics: frat boys and Asians pursuing an investment banking gig Biology: premeds Public Policy: burnt-out former premeds and economics majors. There were five people in your class. Currently, many institutions incentivize people to shuffle symbols of any sort (including dollar signs), create rules and regulations to make that symbol shuffling game more complex, and then extract $$$s from others for help navigating the symbol shuffling game as a kind of Dungeon Master in an unfun game. The econ major pretends to not have noticed you. Quiz: Can you guess the I’m A Celebrity contestant from their baby pictures? To use their own jargon, they are simply responding to incentives. Originally Answered: what are some stereotypes of each Duke major? econ major: socially awkward douche all other social science and humanities: intellectually stunted but otherwise reasonable human beings. Econ majors don't care that you learned about game theory by watching YouTube or reading a book on your own. ‘Ah Theology: you want to work in HR then I guess?’ You end up becoming an RE teacher at your secondary school. You’ve accepted the fact that you will end up becoming a slave to the system.” – Diyora, History of Art, Warwick, “You thought you would make some groundbreaking discoveries as a Psychology undergrad and read people’s minds, but instead you ended up having to convince your mates to do hundreds of pointless questionnaires.” Diyora, History of Art, Warwick, “You’re a moderately attractive brunette from the Home Counties. Diet Coke similarly … You chose poorly.” –, Sophia, English and Related Literature, York, “You moan a lot about studio and you claim to be drawing stuff 27 hours a day. Oh yes, very very different. Oh yes, very very different. Conscientiousness: Perhaps this is where the stereotype of a scatter-brained liberal arts major comes from. You can pay to consult them. You want a class where no-one will judge you for showing up in gym leggings and a lacrosse gilet, but all the spots in Psychology have gone to girls who are a little less well-manicured, a little more unhinged. I want to have lots of nice trees, clean air, etc. Naturally, economists will inform these decisions. People choose economics for a major for similar reasons people choose to drink Diet Coke. Now, imagine if this same person gets paid by the hour and controls the game's bank. Your uncle and aunt express surprise. Even the Geography crew have better prospects.”, “You’re really dedicated and love to bitch about engineers. If you do History of Art, you’re posh and wish you’d done Fashion instead. Their spreadsheets have lots of numbers on them, which scare away non-econ majors that chose their own majors to avoid numbers. Economist e1b8. Sure, its better than being on the streets committing violent crimes and likewise offers some funsies short-term. Butch. Business students are constantly on the defense that their degree is as challenging, if not more challenging than any other. What do you mean ‘Is this table really here?’ Yes of course it’s here, how is that going to help you get a grad job? Otherwise, they read page after page of prose, pretending to grasp the occasional equation that pops up. We asked a cross-section of students and grads from across the country to give us their views on your course. Reading a novel? You won every Gold Award at the UK Maths Challenge and you didn’t even pretend to be surprised. When other people think about or learn about economics, this makes econ majors nervous. Oh, and your employment opportunities are more bleak than a Joseph Conrad novel.” –, “You wanted to save the world by studying Environmental Science, but you just ended up getting depressed because you realised how horrible the human race really is.” –, “It’s quite enigmatic to study Fashion. Just make sure you’re ready for another three years of education (at least), “So you read ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘Of Mice and Men’ in school and found ‘the American Dream’ mildly interesting.

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