edexcel a level biology quiz

Edit. 4.15: List the assumptions that are made when working with the Hardy Weinberg equation. ... Edexcel Biology Quiz. 4.1: Explain how the variety of species has generally increased over time. The winners in the struggle for existence are those that possess some characteristics which are advantageous/beneficial; this differential survival is known as "survival of the fittest". zoos use stud books to converse genetic diversity by carefully controlling the exchange of animals between zoos; they try to ensure that the genes from all of the founder members of the population are retained and equally represented. You have twenty minutes to complete the quiz. 3 years ago. 4.64: Describe the placebo effect and explain how it can effect the validity of results. 4.79: State the objectives of seed banks. Live Game Live. 4.38: Describe the make up of the "glue" that holds cellulose fibres (and plant cells) together. Save. 4.18: Describe what tends to happen to genetic diversity over time and explain why. When you are ready - take our A level challenge - 50 questions from across the AS, A2 or combined specifications! Which of these is not a function of lymph nodes? ), 4.69: Describe on way that vegetable oils can be used by humans (other than eating). 4.28: Describe the 3 domains theory of Woese. 4.57: Give 3 useful properties of plant fibres that make them suitable for purpose. -in a small population some of the alleles may not get passed on to offspring. A-Level Biology does pretty much what it says on the tin. Biology paper 1 revision edexcel DRAFT. 1. Over 22,000 learners have used our materials to pass their exams. 4.22: Name a statistical test that can be used to estimate species diversity, and be able to use its formula to calculate an index of diversity. : grey squirrels bury acorns to act as larders in times of food shortages. Hide Show resource information. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... 4. 4.33: Recognise the following plant cell structures from EM images, cell wall, chloroplasts, amyoplasts, vacuole, tonoplast, plasmodesmata, pits, and middle lamella. ElaineDaCunha. 4.41: Explain the cohesion-tension theory of water movement through a plant showing the link with transpiration. Hierarchical- breaking down everything into smaller groups (with no overlap)- e.g. Beta glucose needs to be flipped to form a (1,4) glycosidic bond in a condensation reaction. -Species: group of organisms which produce fertile offspring, and are reproductively isolated from other species, e.g. 4.21: Define the terms biodiversity, species richness, endemism. : some bacteria have very thermo-stable enzymes so they can tolerate conditions in hot springs of up to 80C and deep sea vents of up to 350C. 4.29: Describe what happened 20 years later to confirm Woese's work and why it had taken so long for this acceptance of his theory to happen. -drug won't work/have desired effect (TOO LITTLE). Preview this quiz on Quizizz. -extract plant fibres by using a dull scalpel to scrape of surrounding tissue. - scelerenchyma has lots of lignin in side it which stiffens the cells and gives the plants greater tensile strength. lignin- a complex polymer, which thickened and strengthens the wall. Gene Pool: the total of all the alleles of all the genes present in a particular population at any give time. Top A Level Biology - Edexcel Flashcards Ranked by Quality. 4.50: Explain how the characteristics of a water molecules give water the properties that are important to plants. 4.60: Describe how William Withering discovered a way of treating dropsy with extracts from foxgloves. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. 4.8: Define the terms "natural selection" and "evolution.". 4.59: Give an example of antibacterial defence in plants (or examples). 4.17: Explain the benefit of greater genetic diversity in a population and state how is it measure by calculating the heterozygous index. 55 terms. 50 terms. 4.58: Explain why plants have chemical defences. 4.25: Give an example of how species may be classified differently, when considering differences and similarities in phenotypes and genotypes. This quiz is incomplete! good resource, shame you slipped up on question 14. Are you sure the cDNA experiment is on the edexcel syllabus? 1775: William Withering rigorously tested digitalis and brought it into conventional medicine. 4.77: State the problems associated with reintroduction programmes. sen3_1415 GO. pg 128 of Salters-Nuttfield Advanced Biology for Edexcel AS Biology. 4.74: List the aims of captive breeding programmes. by imcdowell. Make microfibril (many molecules of cellulose bonded by hydrogen). 4.30: Explain what occurs in the "peer review" process (including publication of a scientific), and in scientific conferences. the aim of the MSB project is to collect 10% of the world's seeds by 2010. 5th - 10th grade . We haven't been taught it and are about to sit the exam :/ love Heather, Jess and Alice xxxxxxxxxx Yes it is. 106 terms. : Great Panda. 4.62: Describe today's drug testing process. 4.7: Explain how the concept of niche accounts for distribution and abundance or organisms in a habitat. Genetic Diversity- gene pool; which genes and alleles are present in the community. A Level Biology (Edexcel Salters) A Level Biology (Edexcel Salters) Flashcard Maker: Bethany Neve. 4.35: Explain why alpha glucose links together to form starch whereas beta glucose forms cellulose. Each quiz consists of 50 questions taken from across the specification. 149 terms. 1. Edit. -polar molecule; can form hydrogen bonds and create cohesion between water molecules. Practice. 4.23: Define the term "classification" and "taxonomy". Humans are a relatively young species therefore out genetic diversity is low; over time this genetic diversity will expand. Biology final. -research is published in some form that other scientists can easily access (journal, internet, conference). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 4.80: Draw a flow chart to summarise the processes involved in the storage of seeds in a seed bank (include how germination can be prevented). caydencoleman99. -suggested eukaryotes (us) had a common ancestor with archaea (ancient bacteria). Edit. Biodiversity- genetic diversity and species diversity. 4.5: Explain what is meant by the term "physiological adaptations" to the environment, and give an example. The answer is actually smooth endoplasmic reticulum. -meiosis [crossing over of chromosomes, random assortment]. The Ultimate GCE A Level Biology Quiz Site. Hide Show resource information. Share practice link. 4.36: Describe how the structure of cellulose is related to its properties and functions.

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