eremophila emu bush

A low growing shrub with a silver foliage. Eremophila calorhabdos [Red Rod Emu Bush] part of the Scrophulariaceae family with Pink-Red flowers flowering in Winter-spring-summer avaliable from Australian Native Plants located in Ventura, CA Additional info . Emu Bush Eremophila racemosa. $ 11.95. Flowers are followed by grape-like berries. It will gro to 4′ high by 5′ wide and produces red tubular flowers from winter to early spring. Conditions: Suited to most soil types except heavily water-logged soils. Eremophila Maculata Valentine or Emu Bush. Description Form: Shrub. The leaves are tinged red in winter. Size: Clear: Emu Bush quantity. Gardening in Tucson, Phoenix, Arizona and California. Tolerant of drought, frost and coastal exposure. Growing Eremophila glabra: Emu Bush. Full sun . With silvery grey foliage and near purple flowers, Eremophila nivea is an outstanding native plant. However, in comparison to Texas rangers, the flowers of blue emu bush are less reliant on monsoon moisture; blooming in late winter and early spring rather than late summer. Emu Bush Eremophila glabra shrub. Once established, needs only occasional watering. Back to Plant List Back to Hummingbird Garden. This is an evergreen shrub with lush, green foliage. Add to cart. See more ideas about Plants, Bush, Emu. Pale green leaves are adorned by bunches of tubular yellow to orange to purple-pink flowers. Sku #3485. Jan 1, 2013 - Explore Jill Varga's board "Eremophila/Emu Bush", followed by 488 people on Pinterest. It produces yellow, red and orange flowers all year round. Eremophila glabra 'Shark Bay Emu Bush' Features: Attractive Australian native shrub with soft grey green foliage and brilliant red tubular flowers over the Spring and Summer months. Plant in a narrow spot that needs attention. Best grown in full sun positions. This desert-loving shrub produces a festival of color. Eremophila calorhabdos – Emu Bush Eremophila calorhabdos – Emu Bush An attractive and very drought tolerant shrub, with an interesting upright habit with long spears of stems. Water Needs. This is an excellent choice for gardens needing some winter color. Light Needs. Leaf retention: Evergreen except heavily damaged below 20°F. Gardening in Tucson, Phoenix, Arizona and California. Evergreen. Blue Emu Bush – Eremophila… These compact evergreen shrubs are often confused with the more commonly encountered Texas rangers because of their silvery foliage and showy purple flowers. 2m wide. Growing Eremophila glabra: Emu Bush in hot, dry climates and Arizona and California. A favourite species for its year round appeal, Eremophila nivea has very attractive silvery grey foliage as well as mauve to purple flowers. Easy care, especially the grafted varieties in a sunny position and a well drained soil. 2m heigh. Light Needs. Eremophila nivea – The Emu Bush. Share this product Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Email. It bears bright pink to red flowers in winter to spring which are nectar rich, bringing birds and insects to the garden.

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