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Where BSU policy is more restrictive than the current FAA AIM, POH, FAA Approved AFM, or 14 CFRs, it will take precedence. <> x��Z�r��}W��a���� a.��\[�eKq����ŵDpIH�������}@R�-�4 ̥�t���Φ�ru7_����iY���-�t��(�����M~v=_���rU��n���x�(�|�����s�fvzrv�Yd1�ݝ�p��TȘ�(�B�f�0��&a���IȖ�+5�.OO>y�����vz���k��5� j���c�yvh�Ig�?Q��j�Ob���Ǯ������˷��so�+�\��b �So�X�s��-�o�'��O�� �hV1S!��x�����2眽-g�>�3vv���p��-�~�����ד�7~o�;@;��9�v�O@0��m�&�/ �����]m��ܟH 84���"Y9Dʃ0k����訕 �Q��(/i��c�fti9��v��@���{����V�5D�xWl�?��G&A��l�yzꨖ�����bD�U_�*T?v�J�g����f*��Aۀs�P5�l�f���chA��!b���v����5���c}����/���h]᥅�]B�6V�/4eS}�247�U\q-T(����DZF�A��]�6I^bÆp #�G{!�d��%�x��� a����pA6ʭQ~p�zks7���h��X�(n��yLk��ϫ[���;�/UFny� ����r��&i�hH���Ө�*���\�M��x?����yr�K�*z)�O�9�;Vܱ��j��#��.�WR?���}�$%�7z�K8x���@�2s����~����7�� 5��B�;���a;�#���r�A��١���$mMp,K[��te#o��VAM���q���� �� J�=��1 North Central Air Charter operates its own fleet of Citation Jet, Pilatus PC-12 and Cirrus SR22T aircraft. And any rule change creates a burden on business. Normal: Procedures used during normal flight operations. stream <> But for some in aviation this may mean changes to the way you do things. † FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual and Pilot’s Operating Handbook, † Advisory Circulars, † Cirrus Design Training Guide, † Cirrus Design Envelop of Safety, † Avionics Pilot Guides and Manuals. endobj Flight operations regulations New regulations commencing December 2021 The new regulations will retain many of the existing rules. In a word, safety. 1 Guidance for Flight Operations During and Post Pandemic Edition 3 –28 Aug 2020 Not controlled whern downloaded or printed Guidance for Flight Operations During and Post Pandemic Edition 3 – 28 Aug 2020 Disclaimer The information contained in this publication is subject to constant review in the light of changing government requirements and regulations. c�%��96�S�5ֹn�t�J �w���נ�3���4�ʠX?|G��,�h&���F�J� E�^ � ��M��el�������. ARINCDirectSM Flight Operations System (FOS®) Discover the difference of seamlessly integrated flight operations Handling the flight operations of business aircraft involves a staggering number of interconnected details. #�Pv��~$7��P��Xv��M��az��M�R|A� N�M��!���N���T,}��b����V�(��� ���(Pq�J��h(��q�����n"?�`�29��ϋGT�AY��fޜH��@)�� �����B��%�D����8�K��b���EpKR�7O^��.��M��������gߙB� Normal checklists can be found in the Normal Procedures section of the POH. 4 0 obj During flight operations close to the ground, adequate clearance between aircraft components and the ground must be maintained. <>>> p 1/2 fctm 08 jul 08. a318/a319/a320/a321 flight crew training manual introduction general introduction intentionally left blank fca a318/a319/a320/a321 fleet in-010. %���� Therefore, limits on pitch and bank angles must be prescribed and it is preferable that ground clearance limits are outside the performance limits required for safe aircraft performance. 3 0 obj 1 0 obj endobj <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 20 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> A lot has changed since the rules were written. Flight Operations .....14 intentionally left blank. endobj Aviation Operations Manual Introduction REV VIII 11/20 10 NOTE 1. Flight Operations Considerations ICAO EDTO Workshop –Module 5: Flight Operations Considerations Approval Process. Section/division: FLIGHT OPERATIONS Form Number: CA 121-18a Telephone number: 011-545-1000 Fax Number: 011-545-1350 Physical address: Ikhaya Lokundiza, 16 Treur Close, Waterfall Park, 10 Bekker Street, Midrand, Gauteng Postal address: Private Bag X73, Halfway House 1685 Website: www.caa.co.za AUDIT & INSPECTION CHECKLIST: OPERATORS (PART 121) Name of operator Physical address … Flight Operations Manager North Central Air Charter (NCAC) is a reliable and experienced private jet, turboprop, and piston charter operator located at the DuPage Airport just outside of Chicago. %PDF-1.5 p 2/2 fctm 08 jul 08. operational philosophy. 2. Flight Operations Manual © 2011 Rainier Flight Service (v 2.4) Page 3 5. USA Phone 303-449-1105 Fax 303-449-0132 Revision 1 June 14, 2013 flight operations the Pilot-in-Command may deviate from these policies and procedures as necessary to meet the exigencies of any emergency. Flight Operations Manual SPEC inc. 3022 Sterling Circle, Suite 200 Boulder, CO 80301. Membership consists of senior flight operations and air traffic management attn: flight operations support -- stlt fca a318/a319/a320/a321 fleet in-010. Objectives 3 At the end of this module, participants will understand the flight operations requirements and dispatch planning considerations supporting EDTO operations. 2 0 obj Flight Operations Group (FOG) - by Invitation only CONTACT Mr. Viktor Robeck Head, Flight Operations Regulatory Affairs, FOPS robeckv@iata.org The FOG reports to the Operations Committee and meets twice a year. Why change? Flight Operation Center is a new kind of flight planning software, that combines accurate and realistic flight planning with a link to popular flight simulation programs, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and 2002.

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