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Specifically, you’ll learn how to ask and answer some of the most common, versatile questions in French. For example, “Je vais sortir avec des amis” (I’m going to go out with some friends). was so expensive” when you’re already at the cash register, just memorize how to ask, “How much does this cost?”. Be creative and resourceful and you’ll never find yourself at a loss for ways to practice all these oh-so-wonderful French questions. ), “Bien, merci” (Good, thanks) and so on. “Il est onze heures du matin,” or “It’s 11 a.m.,” would be a perfect response. If you haven’t yet learned to conjugate the verb venir, the present-tense conjugations are: If you hear someone use the verb être in their question, you can respond with“Je suis de…” (I’m from…). / D’où viens-tu ?”) literally mean “Where do you come from?” while the versions that use être (“D’où êtes-vous ?” / “Tu es d’où ?”) literally mean “Where are you from?”. Still on the subject of time, knowing how to ask “What time does the train depart for Paris/Marseille/wherever” is pretty useful. And if you do ask Siri what the weather’s like, she’ll likely respond with something like “Il fait chaud/froid,” or “It’s hot/cold.” Oh, and here are some more idiomatic weather expressions to sound more authentically French. “What day is it?” Or, literally in French, “What day are we at?”. And some people deal with questions a lot. Nowadays, with our smartphones basically attached to our palms, this question isn’t quite so common anymore. Don’t forget to follow Talk in French on Instagram! To respond, you can say, for example, “Il faut aller tout droit” (You have to go straight) or “Désolé, mais je ne sais pas” (I’m sorry, but I don’t know). Before anything else, always start a conversation with a simple “Bonjour !” during daytime and “Bonsoir !” in the evening. Asking, “What time does ___ start/end?” is useful in so many contexts. And if you know the answer, you can respond simply by saying something like: Le concert commence à huit heures et se termine à dix heures et demie. Here are some common starter questions to get you going. This handy list of basic survival French questions and answers is here to help! A post shared by Talk in French (@talkinfrench) on Aug 19, 2017 at 1:00pm PDT, A post shared by Talk in French (@talkinfrench) on Sep 2, 2017 at 1:00pm PDT. Questions galore! And finally, to avoid that uncomfortable moment of “Uh-oh, I didn’t realize this T-shirt/coffee/pastry/etc. And there you have it, folks! Instagram (+ 115 000 followers) When you’re learning French, what are some good ways to start a French conversation? Asking and answering questions is an important part of communication in any language, and we want you to have some pretty awesome conversations in French (you’re on your way there already!). Now for some small talk. “Do you speak English/French?” / “Is there someone (here) who speaks English/French?” When you’re in a place where the native language is not the same as your native tongue, it’s always helpful to know how to ask this question. By the way… You should also listen and hear real French. Chances are, you’ve probably long since mastered the art of asking questions in your mother tongue. 10 Popular French Slang To Add to your Vocabulary (With Videos), Free Resources – Talk in French Free Library, How to reply to "what do you do for a living? In fact, if you print this page and re-read (out loud) it every now and then, they’ll get stuck in your brain for good. “What’s the weather like today?” Again, not super useful in the age of the smartphone (unless you’re asking Siri, of course), but it’s still a wonderful go-to question for that good old awkward small talk! Jacques Audiard fan. By the end, you will know 15 French conversations and have plenty of French conversation topics. would also come in handy. FluentU always keeps track of vocabulary that you’re learning. “How do you spell that?” This is particularly helpful when you’re having trouble understanding what someone is saying because of a language barrier or unfamiliar regional accents. Learning French becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. So, for the sake of nostalgia, here’s how you say “What time is it?”. If you’re the one being asked how to spell something, it’s always helpful to know how the letters of the alphabet are pronounced in French as well so that when you say “Margot, M-A-R-G-O-T,” your listener will actually understand you! And when that barista responds “Ça coûte sept euros,” telling you that your morning latte is about to set you back a whopping seven euros, you can prepare yourself (and your wallet) adequately for the shock. A post shared by Talk in French (@talkinfrench) on May 27, 2017 at 9:00am PDT. Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play stores. To respond, you can mimic the structure of the question by saying “Mon passe-temps préferé est…” (My favorite hobby is…). Whether you’ve just been introduced to someone new, find yourself sitting next to a French-speaker on the bus, or end up walking beside a French tourist while visiting an attraction, I’ve got a French conversation starter for you. The total marks for the french speaking general conversation section of the French speaking examination are 30 marks (50% of the overall speaking exams) and is split as follows: Communication /10 Range and accuracy of language /10 Pronunciation and intonation /5 Newsletter (+ 21 000 Happy Subscribers), Email: They make up a not-so-insignificant percentage of everything we say out loud (and also everything we think in our heads) on any given day. Great. 15 French Conversation Examples for Beginners Today, you finally learn 15 simple French conversations. It means “How do I get to… ?”. If you’re the one being asked, you can start off with “Je vais…” and carry on with whatever activity you’ll be doing this weekend, using the infinitive form of the verb. A list of common French questions and answers that you’ll encounter in simple conversations. FluentU lets you learn real French with a diverse range of great videos, as you can see here: FluentU brings French videos within reach with interactive subtitles. And if someone else has traveled via time machine and asks you this (or, you know, if a friend just can’t remember what day it is today…), you can say, for example: Nous sommes lundi / C’est lundi. A post shared by Talk in French (@talkinfrench) on Oct 28, 2017 at 1:00pm PDT. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. In this easy French conversation guide, you’ll learn: • How to introduce yourself • How to ask about plans • and much more Yes! FluentU takes music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks, and turns them into French learning experiences. Invite a friend to join you and your crew by asking them “Do you want to go out with us tonight?” Replace nous (us) with moi (me) and you can ask someone out on a date, either romantic or platonic. ", How to ask if someone can speak in English, To admit that you don’t understand anything at all, More useful questions about speaking difficulties, FRENCH PHRASEBOOK FOR TRAVELERS AND NEWBIE LEARNERS, A post shared by Talk in French (@talkinfrench), How are you? If you’re the one being asked, you can respond by saying: Je m’appelle Brian/Lucy/Max/etc. In case you want to ask some important questions or you’re in a bit of a difficulty while in a French-speaking country, these questions could help. Here are some of the most common questions for doing so. For a complete list of French phrases with audio for your listening and pronunciation practice, grab your copy of French Phrasebook. FluentU takes music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks, and turns them into French learning experiences. Perfect for asking someone “Do you know where I can find… ?” This is great for when you’re shopping and need to find something specific quickly, without running around the store aimlessly for half an hour (we’ve all been there). If you’re asked this, don’t panic, just repeat after me: “J’étudie…”  So, if you study French, you can respond “J’étudie le français” (I study French) loud and proud! We spend a large chunk of our lives introducing ourselves to other people. However, if you’re looking to be more informal, particularly when you’re speaking with a friend, “Comment ça va ?” or simply “Ça va ?” will do the trick.

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