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Banta-Green CJ. Steps for Implementing an Overdose Good Samaritan Law: The Example of Seattle, Washington. In addition to expanding access to naloxone, California also has a ‘911 Good Samaritan’ law, which encourages people to call for emergency assistance at the scene of an overdose without fearing arrest or prosecution for minor drug law violations. The Overdose Prevention Program grew out of the need for implementation ofSteve’s Law (Minnesota Good Samaritan/Naloxone legislation)which passed unanimously through both houses of the Minnesota state legislature in 2014. 2013 . The National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws (NAMSDL) keeps track of all of the laws and bills on the subject of naloxone access and Good Samaritan bills and legislation. Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Laws. Free training and Naloxone kits are distributed in Lane County by agencies like HIV Alliance. To reduce fatal drug overdoses, two approaches many states have followed is to pass laws expanding naloxone access and Good Samaritan protections for lay persons with high likelihood to respond to an opioid overdose. It also is finalizing a model law on the subject of naloxone access and anticipates that the model should be … According to the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol (DDAP): Allows first responders (law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS) or other organizations acting at the direction of a health care professional authorized to prescribe naloxone, to administer the drug to individuals experiencing an opioid overdose. Unintentional drug overdose is a leading cause of death in both the U.S. and Canada and construction workers are among those most at risk. Act 139- The Good Samaritan Law with Naloxone. The Law, Chapter 94C, Section 34A: “Immunity from prosecution under Secs. Good Samaritan laws in other states. Witnesses to an overdose often don’t call for emergency assistance because they’re afraid of … The Good Samaritan Law protects victims and those who call 911 for help from charge, prosecution, and conviction for possession or use of controlled substances. Most prior research has examined attitudes and knowledge among lay responders in large metropolitan areas who actively use illicit substances. Public Law Atlas: interactive national map of Good Samaritan Laws; Network for Public Health Law: Legal Interventions to Reduce Overdose Mortality: Naloxone Access and Overdose Good Samaritan Laws. On Wednesday, April 3rd, the NC General Assembly passed Senate Bill 20 (SB20), Good Samaritan Law/Naloxone Access, legislation aimed at reducing drug overdose fatalities in North Carolina. The non-profit Max’s Mission was founded by the parents of young Ashland man who died of a heroin overdose in 2013. The final vote in the Senate was 47-0.

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