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A Meta-Analysis of Global Urban Land Expansion. Earth’s surface is about 500 million km 2, but most of that (70.8%) is water, which we’re not really very good at. How do we know humans are causing climate change? If we include this to our estimate of global human cover – we get a rather more sobering estimate of 19 million km2. China, 4. 2 Of course, we understand that is not your meaning. There are also other discrepancies within your article, so I’m not sure if you just copy&pasted some of the bits (which would be fine generally) without truly thinking about them. Not the tasty chocolate-chip kind, but the kind that stores data about our users. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The correct figure for the percentage of the earth’s land mass which is actually occupied by humans is .03%. Exact same text by Rithwik Maya Rajesh: https://www.quora.com/How-much-land-on-Earth-in-terms-of-percentage-is-populated-by-humans. This is a guide about how much land there is on earth. Of the world’s land that is used for agriculture, about 77% is used for livestock rearing/meat and dairy production, and 23% is used for growing crops. A planet that is 10% wider than Earth would have more habitable land. Has Pluto been replaced by a primordial black hole? At first, it can be easy to dismiss fears that mankind may one day run out of space as ridiculous. A planet that is 10% larger than the Earth should have more habitable land. I want to know how much land is untouched by humans, meaning how much land doesn’t have buildings or human activity. Oceans and their influence on earth have a much greater impact – try to stop or create a hurricane, typhoon, cyclone, monsoon, etc. So in that sense, 90% of the land on Earth is being regularly accessed and therefore impacted by humans. … approximately almost 11% of the world’s land surface was arable land. Countries With The Most Expensive, & Cheapest Electricity Prices (Electricity Prices Around The World), Most Common Types Of Waste Found In Landfills (What’s In Landfills), What Grows Well In Clay Soil (& Heavy Soils), Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, GDPR & CCPA Notice, Of the land’s total surface, about 29% of that surface is land, and 71% is ocean, Land – 149 million km², or 92.5 million mi.², Ocean – 361 million km², or 224.3 million mi.², Habitable Land – 104 million km², or 64.6 million mi.², Glaciers – 15 million km², or 9.32 million mi.², Barren Land – 28 million km², 17.3 million mi.². You can fly for a long time and hardly see a sign of human existance along many parts of the continent. The meta-analysis found that the largest rates of increase in urban landcover were seen in India, China and Africa, while North America experienced the largest total change since 1970. I don’t think the Manhattan fact is true. In order, some of the top value producing crops are (not including meat and dairy): You can view a list of land use statistics by country here (wikipedia.org). I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the article. Half of all habitable land is used for agriculture. Acreage statistics for each type of land use in the contiguous 48 states in 2017 were as follows: About 71% of the total land surface on earth is habitable, with the rest being glaciers (10%) and barren land (19%). If you’d taken the time to read the whole article you’d see that in that particular sentence I was referring to the amount of available land that was in some way impacted by humans. Current estimates (as of 2017) put the remaining amount of farmable land at about: Of course, population growth significantly affects how much land we can, or are using, for agriculture at any one time. The entire population of the earth can stand on Manhattan Island with room to spare. Volcanos probably have a greater impact despite the infrequency of catastrophic eruptions – they shut down travel and pollute the ocean and harm humans. In all regions, urban land expanded either faster or equivalent to population growth rates, suggesting our societies are also becoming more expansive. Earthquakes can cause tsunamis which can kill hundreds of thousands of people, injuring countless others and destroy decades of human development in a matter of minutes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A planet’s habitability, or ability to harbor life, results from a complex network of interactions between the planet itself, the system it’s a part of, and the star it orbits. Besides, do you not realise that we humans are as much natural and a part of earth as anything else on it? It’s unfortunate that you chose to pick out just one sentence from my article and ignore the science that was sitting next to you. Still, you are right about our small impact. Or a little less than 4 acres each. I would agree that croplands count as disturbed, as do clear-cut forests It’s still a very small %. We have therefore adapted HALF index figures for habitable land area based on the assumption that 71 percent of global total land area is habitable, as shown in the chart. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with that. To move air from one place to other it is must that one area is hot and one area is cold at same time. While your plan will apparently support 40 billion people, why would we want this? She created Curious Meerkat in 2009, and has also written for a variety of publications including New Scientist, BBC Earth, Science, Nature, Mongabay, and The Scientist, as well as contributing to several books.. She completed her PhD in 2013 on the social behaviour of dinosaur ants. It is in human nature to find a way to live anywhere on earth, and they will surely have a go on Mars as well. The quantities that make up those %’s are: Habitable Land – 104 million km², or 64.6 million mi.² If we exclude mountains, Arctic and Antarctic regions, and severe deserts, we are left with about two thirds of the Earth's land surface that is habitable, though sometimes barely so.

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