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Homeschool High School Electives . Swap out silly kids for a more presentable image of them. 10 Min Read. The good news is that you have a lot of leverage in what to count as Electives. Learning the lands of the world is a great way to experience the world without ever leaving your home. Learn to pay close attention to details with a forensics science class. Not Consumed® is fully trademarked by Not Consumed Ministries, LLC. Budding artists will enjoy fine-tuning their drawing skills with a cartooning class. Credits are typically awarded based on the amount of work or hours completed – between 110 & 180 hours = 1 credit (depending on where you live). Math buffs will enjoy accounting and it’s a skill that will pay them for the rest of their life! Get your kiddos a head start by allowing them to start a blog about something they’re passionate about. The Power of Electives in Your Student's High School Plan. Ever wanted to build a tiny house? Learning which herbs you can use to help you feel better is a skill that you will use for the rest of your life! Electives are a large part of most high school transcripts and finding interesting elective choices for high school that you can do online can be challenging. One of our favorite high school elective ideas for homeschoolers is digging deeper into the Bible. Most states require 24-26 credits to graduate, which leaves you with about 2-3 electives per year. Learn the tips and tricks to successful marketing in the digital age. The sky is the limit as you learn to tweak even the smallest details. Ever wondered what Manet thought about while painting his famous works? Your nerves will ease up once you know HOW to address an audience, as well as simple tricks to make you a great speaker. A variety of schools were used including public, private, large and small schools in order to create a complete list of high school electives. How to Use This List This list is intended to give you an introduction to all the possible electives you may come across as a high school student. Techy kids will enjoy learning more and more about computers as they discover the world if IT, system analysis, and so much more. Whoever thinks it’s a great idea to teach teens to debate must be crazy. Create a glorious purple sky in the background. From the Loch Ness Monster to The Spooklight, kids will love trying to learn the truth about myths and legends from years past. How fun would it be to learn to run electric, water lines and hang sheet rock while creating your own tiny house!?! Although, you may need to know the difference depending on your state’s homeschool laws. Not only does this teach editing skills, techniques and introduce technology but it will also create an amazing keepsake you’ll treasure for years to come. These days, social media is a mega-market. In this day and age, you can never be too careful. They are your opportunity to really shine! #notconsu, How do you balance having traditions with your fam, 3 Criteria For Choosing Your High School Electives, Strengthen Your God-given Passions/Talents, 5 MUST-TAKE High School Electives for Homeschoolers, 4 Ways to Get Your High School Electives In, How to Create Your Own High School Electives Courses, How to Document Your Homeschool Electives. If your kiddos love animals, there’s no better class than animal care. The results will be as interesting as the entire class! Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum: Simplify High School. Real estate is a great way to get inside and see the insides of homes. From the issues in America to poverty and wealth in other countries, discover how issues vary from country to country. The universe has so much left to explore and there’s no time like the present. Learn to play a new instrument or two with a musical based class. From dolphins to coral reefs, there’s so much to study in the ocean! .⁣ Learning to debate with class, making valid points and presenting your opinions in a tactful manner is a skill that many adults could stand to learn, as well! Choosing Electives for Homeschooling High School Most states require a certain number of electives for high school graduates. Free electives for high school are not hard to find. Build muscle, tone your body or just learn how to get the shape you want, while getting healthy, too! Teens will love learning all about other country’s cultures. Learn all about the industry, as well as tips and tricks to help you succeed. If you kids enjoy writing and reporting, journalism is something that may be a great fit for them! Art is a great high school elective because there’s so much to choose from! Explore how households, governments and society use their resources in this interesting class. Planning High School Electives for Your Homeschool. Create your own website and custom design with simple software and basic knowledge. With hundreds of high school elective ideas for homeschoolers available, it’s no wonder it’s a chore to narrow it down to just a couple. Learn basic marketing strategies that will help boost sales, grow a business and make your company a household name. Public speaking is easy when you learn how to do it correctly. Planning for your teen’s high school electives is the funnest part of the whole process of high school curriculum planning! By allowing your kiddos to get a head start on their training, they can enter the workforce early and start earning big bucks! But now that you’re putting together your own high schooler’s educational plan, maybe you’re wondering, “What exactly are these courses and how do we do them in homeschooling?” Electives are officially a type of academic coursework. While some elective credits are spent with additional science, math or history topics, electives are also an opportunity for students to explore their passions. Create fun animation and 3D designs with your computer or using old-school pencil and paper. Learn all about famous works of art and the history behind them with an art history class. For added fun, give them a theme to stick to.

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