introduction to macroeconomics notes

Introduction to Macroeconomics Lecture Notes. A flow variable is measured during a period of time. The only difference between the two (gross investment and net investment) is that while gross investment includes depreciation of fixed assets during the year, net investment does not. Like, plant and machinery, building, as used by the firms/producers. #PadhteChaloBadhteChalo – An initiative to help all the Class XII Students get access to Quality Education for FREE. Nuttig? It is known as capital loss. Injections on the other hand refer to those autonomous expenditures which cause expansion in the circular flow. These goods are used as final goods by their final users, viz. CBSE Notes for Class 12 Macro Economics. basically my notes for introduction to macroeconomics ( ) Studies, courses, subjects, and textbooks for your search: Press Enter to view all search results ( ) These are used for the production of other goods and services in the form of raw material. Like, milk, bread, car, washing machine, as used by the consumer households. The household saving does not reduce the aggregate spending if it is loaned to the business/firms sector for investment. Vak. ?���M��M���^|=�)�gM��kY�Q��sb���F*s� ���iN=������R�4ߘ�wHq�w���y?�?-�������w�M�~��;ԗג�8�xk{F��T?IH�"�D���`μ�#Һ��)��V�!�,b��b"rjz&�]�,��=~�暹�o�ܡ�*L�����ؚp31�`ι�"��X�7q�Rr���9�X��n�M�����!����yg��������)=p΅���*Z�m[TU������=�/�*ګ7V�Nw��;��L[�8�DU�:p�=U��{?���}O$�OO��ZT��ns�S�xʡ�}���c��tzj*ج&���v�`%S��ø�. (iv) There are no purchases by the government. Fixed investment refers to the increase in the existing stock of fixed assets of the producers during the period of an accounting year. In such a situation circular flow of income tends to expand. Macroeconomics studies the economy as a whole. Macroeconomics, System of National Accounts, Variants of GDP, The goods market, Financial markets, Demand for money and bonds , Equilibrium in the money market, Price of bonds and interest rate, The IS-LM model, The labor market, The three markets jointly: AS and AD , Phillips curve and the open economy. It is a part of depreciation. Introduction to Macroeconomics Notes. Whereas, final producer goods are purchased or used by the producers for further production. The overriding goal of the course is to begin provide methodological tools for advanced research in macroeconomics. The government in modern welfare states participates actively in economic activities by levying taxes on households and firms and giving them subsidies. So, go ahead and check the Important Notes for Class 12 Economics Macroeconomics Introduction. Distinction between Final Goods and Intermediate Goods. Your email address will not be published. Join Free Learning Group – For easy access to Video Lectures and Assessment, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). It also runs enterprises and buys goods and services Expenditure by the government adds to the circular flow, which now takes the following form: In modern times all countries of the world have economic relations with the rest of the world, largely through exports and imports. It studies Aggregated Indicators such as GDP, Unemployment Rates, and Price Indices to understand how the whole economy functions. These concepts are explained briefly as under: Final goods are those goods which are ready for use by their final users. The overriding goal of the course is to begin provide methodological tools for advanced research in macroeconomics. In other words, final goods are those fixed assets which are repeatedly used by the producers in the production process for several years and which are of relatively high value. Introduction to economics (EC1002) Academic year. The emphasis is on theory, although data guides the theoretical explorations.

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