kombucha mama heating system

Thank you so much for this wonderful kombucha brewing tool!! I live in Canada where our winters are pretty cold. I purchased the "top of the line" heating mat, with the temp control. I do wish there were graduated lines on the dimmer switch, (though I got used to it anyway), and that that there was a better way to secure the heater to the brewing vessel. I purchased the heater shortly after starting my first batch of Kombucha, living in Minnesota the temperatures can vary drastically and the heater has made it possible for me to make great Kombucha all year long. There had to be a better way. I have never had the owner of a place call me to see what I wanted. Thanks. It was delivered quickly and packaged well. Reviewed by Sue Buchman (Stillwater, MN). I'm enjoying my continous brewing system, the SCOBY I received grew to brewer size in the first week, yeah! If I were doing it again, I would order two of the large styles, mainly because of the volume control. I have tried cheaper methods (like a reptile heating cord) and none work as evenly and easily as the heating with dimming for the cb system. I set my jars on top of the heating pad on a shelf and sort of blocked the whole thing from view with some recipe books. This works like a dream. For me, it would not be possible to make kombucha without this clever heater. I doubt I'll ever look elsewhere for my Kombucha home brewing needs. I also appreciate the exceptional customer service when I needed to solve a problem. The slide dial only needs tweeking on occasion if the house gets too cold or too hot . Thanks! We live in Wisconsin with very cold winters. I just started brewing Kombucha and knew immediately that I’d need a heat source to make it work in Canadian winters. Thanks for your website Hannah and all the helpful info you provide. We started brewing in the summer, so even though we are in northern NH, we have only just started to use the heating system. I live in Philly and experience all seasons to the fullest, varies from cold to hot. I still have plenty of room on the adjustment to raise the heat when it gets really cold.This is a great design, thin, flexible, and it has a nice long cord. So now I'm back, and so glad I found a solution that works! It's such a nice gentle consistent heat. I have been enjoying it almost every day, and it is helping to wean me off of coffee. The temperature has been very consistent for my batch brewing. Once I received it I wrapped the heater around my ceramic crock, stuck the thermometer on the side, and then pulled over the cute "Brewer Tee" set. Finally, I have something in my life I have perfect and beneficial control over...a perfect batch of kombucha using this incredible heating strip with dimmer. I also turn the heat down quite low at night time (I hate trying to sleep when it is warm) and even in my big vessel (3 gallons) it keeps my kombucha toasty warm without having to turn it right up to the top level. Got Questions? Thank u! Sincere appreciation, D.J. Our house is around 58 degrees until my husband or I get home but it takes only 5-6 days to brew. :). I now have 3 of the 'Year Round' heat strips that I have purchased through KK. I live in Texas and while are winters aren't usually cold this one has been. I got this during a cold Michigan winter after my boyfriend got me a 5 gallon oak barrel for brewing KT. Because my kombucha lives in Maine it definitely needed help reaching its “happy temp” to do its magic. I haven’t used it but it looks good; Check out homebrew supplies for other fermentation aids. I used to use a flannel covered heating pad to keep my kombucha warm in winter, and then I discovered KKamp's fabulous Year Round Heating System with thermometer! It's been very easy to make slight adjustments to the dimmer to keep the brew cozy and in the upper-70s even thought the room is probably 65 degrees (or less) in the mornings. When I checked it the scoby was scalded and the tea tasted terrible. Once I got it set up and at the temperature I wanted, it has stayed there. I bought the brew belt (Year Round Heating System) soon after my SCOBY and it is working nicely at keeping a consistent temperature. I'd recommend to KombuKamp that you consider a better, more specific thermostat that is very consistent and at least comes with a numeric dial. With direction from Hannah, we realized that the dimmer had to be set to a particular point for it to work the best. Works great and simple to use. Set on Low it was way too hot. It will pay for itself in a little while as purchasing kombucha is not cheap! I love having the dimmer to adjust the temperature as needed if the house is getting cooler or warmer! I also purchased the heating system with dimmer and one heating system without. I live in Vancouver,BC and it is challanging to keep my CB system at a constant 78-80 degree F during the winter or fall. I have to say both myself and SCOBY love it. Definitely worth the money! Allowing the brew to go for a longer time at lower temperatures (mid to upper 60's) will help it grow more sour and should produce a safe, drinkable beverage over time. Heater works wonderfully. It took a few days for me to find what Hannah calls "the sweet spot." I live in NE Wyoming and this heater is just what was needed to keep my 5 gal oak keg from Kombucha Kamp in the right zone. Thanks again for the great service and superior follow-up. This product is very easy to use and will ensure many years of making the perfect kombucha. Highly recommended! Love this heater! Happy with the product and the customer service, I love this Kombucha heating system with dimmer! This heating strip is so easy to use and makes brewing kombucha so easy.

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