large red cherry tomato

Approximate seeds per pack: 25 Days till maturity: 65 Annual Full Sun Indeterminate - A northern growers favorite! Quantity: Add to cart (75 days) Indeterminate. Large Red Cherry Tomato. This tomato offers everything you would want from a large tomato, but in half the time. Large Red Cherry produces clusters of large red cherry tomatoes … The plant produces abundant clusters of smallish, vibrant colored fruit. Grow Heirloom Tomatoes - Plant Red Cherry (Large) Tomato SeedsCherry Tomatoes are equally famous for being easy to grow and tasting delicious! Large Red Cherry tomato is a favorite on the farm! Great for coastal gardens. Cherry tomatoes are around 1 oz in size, and turn a deep red … The Large Red Cherry Tomato is the perfect little mouth watering fresh eating tomato that grows in clusters and is the perfect addition to salads! Availability: Size ~25 seeds 1 g ~353 seeds 2 g ~706 seeds 1 OZ ~10,000 seeds 1/4 LB ~40,000 seeds 1 LB ~160,000 seeds $2.61. Large plants, heavy yields, and great flavor. Be ready to make jars and jars of salsa and tomato … This variety grows on hardy vines, with green foliage that … Use Red Cherry Tomatoes … Indeterminate, regular leaf, extremely productive plant produces good yields of large, 1½-2,” scarlet-red, cherry tomatoes in clusters of 5, with great, full flavor. Green fruits may be enjoyed pickled. We love how large these cherry tomatoes grow and how prolifically the plant produces. A favorite for salads and fresh eating.

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