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... Information on the tag: Reg No. Whenever you buy a new mattress, always be sure to keep your receipt and invoice, and ensure that your mattress has a law tag. Removing the “law” tag will void your warranty. (a) Each mattress set subject to the Standard shall bear a permanent, conspicuous, and legible label(s) containing the following information (and no other information) in English: (1) Name of the manufacturer, or for imported mattress sets, the name of the foreign manufacturer and importer; (2) (i) For mattress sets produced in the United States, the complete physical address of the manufacturer. Many products made for home use, including mattresses, have a tag that says “Do not remove under penalty of law.” This law was implemented to protect consumers from potential illnesses caused by the use of unsanitary stuffing in pillows and mattresses such as horsehair and corn husk. The best single source Law Label Printer in the world. As soon as the government caught on to these shenanigans, they required the addition of the “Do Not Remove” message to be included, by law, on every mattress tag. Every mattress has a tag on it that gives some basic details on the mattress. Mattress salespeople found a clever workaround, though: just rip off the tag and sell their bacteria-filled products to unsuspecting customers. It is the best mattress I have ever slept on but I am unable to find this mattress. 1 87 My son purchased a mattress in Austin, Texas sometime around 2003 or 2004. We are #1 when it comes to legal Labels & Tags for Pillows, Mattresses, Furn, & Stuffed Toys LAW TAG SAMPLE Attached to every Serta sleep set is a law tag (see sample left) which includes a warranty code number. The … Removing the law tag. The standard also requires that crib mattresses include a label with safety warnings to advise consumers to make sure their crib mattress properly fits within a crib and warnings to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). And the rest is pop culture history. Below is all of the information I could get off of the tag. Although your new Beautyrest® or Simmons® mattress meets the requirements of the Federal Flammability Standard, 16 CFR 1633, when it is used alone or with the foundation(s) specified on the 16 CFR 1633 law tag attached to your mattress, it is not fire-proof. The Best Mattress Advice How To Buy A Bed – An Insider Guide To Mattress Shopping. To determine the terms of your warranty, match the warranty An “X” before and after sku on law tag indicates it is a floor sample or the word sample indicates the same. Handles are designed to position the mattress only. Full Compliance Guarantee! This is an example of a law label for upholstered furniture with new material: Minimum type UNDER PENALTY OF size: 1/8” in Help identifying a mattress from the law tag? Duly noted. The standard sets a size requirement for crib mattresses and establishes a test method for use in measuring the size. White law labels are used for products made with new material, red law labels are used for products made with secondhand material, and green law labels are used for products made with the consumers’ own material.

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