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FREE SHIPPING on U.S. And this non-sticky formulation means you don't even need gel cleanser when you're done! Ok so this nail polish is great and will last like 2 weeks. 1 step and done! Patented design in the shape of a macaron. It's so effortless and it's super long lasting. )…so please be patient, read our application instructions carefully, and take your time to familiarize yourself with LMM gel! Avoid having the LED lamp shine directly on an open bottle of gel, as this will also dry out the gel. This will minimize the amount of air and light that can get inside. The power charger included in this kit is NOT designed to be used with mobile phones or other electronic devices. Our products are EU compliant and approved to sell in the European Union. Dries super quickly so no worries about smudging wet polish everywhere. This brand also makes THE BEST top coat. Still lasts longer than regular polish, but I'm going to try it with the Red Carpet Base coat to see if it lasts longer before I buy any more. Fast and durable, curing 1-step gel polish dries in … You can use one remover pad to quickly wipe each nail before beginning (before filing the surface) or you can use regular nail polish remover or acetone soaked in a cotton pad. Nail polish requires air drying, whereas gel polish contains a polymer that must be ‘cured’ by an LED lamp in order to harden (dry). I can't wait to try other colors. Which one is Le Mini Macaron? I used to spend an 1 hour on my nails every other night with regular polish, but ever since I found Le Mini Macaron's gel polishes I have "converted" to gel and never looked back. Can be used nightly or whenever desired. $60.00. This is perfectly normal. Don't buff your nails after filing them. Much smaller than the average bottle sizes (I was comparing to Ulta's gel polish. For easy removal, use with Le Mini Macaron gel polish removal wraps - (sold separately) Contains NO Toulene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, TPHP or Xylene Use with Le Mini Macaron's LED lamp (sold separately). Our standard, single-finger classic and glitter mini macaron lamps are 3W and require a 1A or higher adapter, while the full-size Le Maxi lamp is 5W and requires a 2A or higher adapter. HAVE FUN & enjoy! Apply 2 coats, 2-3 times a week. Cure in the LED lamp for 30 seconds. LMM are smaller). This is for you. I used thin layers and built up the color; about 3 coats. The best gel polish I've used. there's also smal black flakes in the polish???? One of the requirements to pass EU compliance is NOT testing on animals. Please enjoy free shipping on all USA orders over $40 USD. Kits Includes: Gorgeous, brushed metallic Rose Quartz four-finger lamp… Gel polish is different from regular nail polish in that you need to “soak” it off. If you get frustrated with chipped polish in what seems like no time. I followed all the instructions (super thin layers, etc) but my gel polish is still chipping after 2-3 days! SHIPPING ONLY TO USA/CANADA NOW. In love with color and formula! The Rum Raisin is pretty but doesn't last very long, chips in 1-2 days. Is LMM gel polish free of harmful ingredients? Also different gel polishes matched with different lamps sometimes require different “curing” times. I have had mixed results with this brand, depending on the color I used. This is extremely important to ensure that the base layer is not too thick, which will affect the lasting. All 3 can be removed with regular nail polish remover and a cotton pad. be sure to file the surface of the nail before applying gel - this creates a rough surface which allows the gel to stick (otherwise your nail surface is too smooth and it’ll be easier to chip), VERY important tip: wipe the brush against the rim of the bottle and remove ALL the gel before applying (as gel is super thick - it should look barely there when you paint the first layer), don’t use hand cream, lotion, or cuticle oil before applying gel, as these products will cause the gel polish to not adhere well to your nail because your nail surface will be oily, be sure to shake the bottle well each time before applying because our gel polish is a 3-in-1 gel (base coat, color and top coat all in one formula). You won't be sorry to try this gel polish. I applied this polish with my typical gel base/top coat and curing it underneath of my LED gel lamp and less than 24 hours later, it began to chip. The nude is the perfect nude color for me. Make sure the first coat of gel polish is VERY thin (barely there). The Super Hardener is clear and can be used as a base coat under - or a top coat over - the Nail Brightener or the Ridge Filler. Ive always loved gel polish, and le mini macaron did not disappoint! It's super easy to paint my nails and they last a whole week, and I'm rough with my hands. Don't apply the gel on or too close to the skin. I love that I can paint a nail and have it dry before my kids grab my hands! Never shine the LED light directly onto an open bottle. These are mini, that's for sure. LED bulbs are thought to be safer than UV bulbs, as they transmit weaker rays. The Nail & Cuticle Oil can be used with any of the items. Black Cherry – a deep and rich ‘rouge noir’ (exclusive to this set!) This polish has been on for almost 2 weeks and has no intention of going anywhere. One of my nails just chipped the entire color off of them so I'm left with a bare (no color) painted nail. The EU bans over 1,300 items in their cosmetics (vs. the US, which bans only 11!). This will make sure that even the edges are fully cured. I would've given 0 stars if possible but as it is not an option I will say the only thing that can possibly make this worth any dollar store purchase is the color in the bottle. Every kit includes a LED lamp with a USB cord, power charger, one 10 mL bottle of gel polish, cuticle stick, nail file, 10 remover pads, and instructions. As the Nail Brightener and Ridge Filler each have a tiny color, we recommend using these items individually so you can see the hint of color on your nails. The top coat added an incredible shine at first, but it was also very thick and has already chipped and dulled just 3 days later. It's light with a slight pink undertone that is great for my pale complexion. For the Nail & Cuticle Oil: This can be used after your gel manicure is dry and complete, as a finishing touch to moisturize dry cuticles! If you use our LED lamp with another gel, and you find it’s not dry enough, we would recommend 2-3 cycles under the lamp (30 second cycles, two or three times). FREE … All of our LMM lamp products use only LED light. Easy to use, super quick drying, beautiful colors. Help! Extremely disappointing for a gel polish. Here are some additional tips/suggestions that you can follow to ensure a good application and lasting: It’s very important to use and store your gel polish correctly. Thin and streaky and dropped everywhere during application. What about “peel-off” gel polish? This will allow the lamp to cool down. Plus it takes maybe 20 minutes to do both of my hands. And unlike UV lamps (which contain UV light), our LMM lamps use LED light – the same kind of light you get from inside an office building – which is safe to be exposed to on a daily basis. Dripped right off of my nail onto my skin. I use it with LMM top coat and prep properly for gel polish. Because of this, it can be a little challenging to get the polish off. If you have followed all the basic tips, and you are still face chipping issues, it may be because of the natural oils in your nails. Will Le Mini Macaron’s LED lamp work with other brands of gel polish? To get a professional gel manicure you are going to pay more than an entire package for you to DIY. It takes less time than a traditional manicure due to cure time. It is meant to be used only with the LED lamp included in the kit. So there you go! This was in the mid-lower price range, and not a great buy compared to many other brands that are in the same range and lower. I love the color selection, so I really wanted to love it. This polish has changed the way I do nails. This is meant to be used in between your gel manicures, when you want to give your nails a break! 3. It will also react to sunlight or natural light if exposed for an extended period of time. But there's an awful chemical smell and it just doesn't go away. If you're looking to buy at Ulta, I've had good success with Red Carpet Nails. Here are a few simple "Do"s and "Don't"s when applying gel: Please refer to our instructions manual for the complete details of a great gel manicure application. Great color & coverage, easy to apply and only 2 coats needed. I always get compliments on the colors, and the longevity is incredible.

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