liftmaster 8355 manual

To reduce the risk of electric shock, your garage door opener has a grounding type plug with a third grounding pin. (It may be mountedonthe wallupside downif necessary,togainapproximately 1/2" (1 cm). Mark,drill holesand install asfollows,depending on your door’sconstruction: Close the door.Disconnectthe trolleyby pulling the emergencyrelease handle. Install the door control within sightofthe door at a minimumheightof5 feet(1.5 m) where small children cannotreach,and awayfromthe moving partsofthe door. . 1.3Markthe location ofthe bottommounting hole and drill a 5/32 inch (4 mm) hole. •Securelyattach sprocketcover BEFORE operating. . . 28-29, Remote Control . . For the vertical brace,2 piecesofangle iron are used to create a U-shaped support.The bestsolution isto checkwith your garage door manufacturer for an opener installation door reinforcement kit. . . To preventpossible OVERHEATING ofthe end panel or lightsocket: •Use ONLY A19 incandescent(100W maximum) or compactfluorescent(26W maximum) light bulbs. 4.1Remove the packing material and liftthe garage door opener onto a ladder. LiftMaster 8355 - 1/2 hp Installation instructions manual … 1.1Remove boltand locknutfromthe top ofthe garage door opener. Tighten the spring trolleynutwith an adjustable wrench or a 7/16" open end wrench abouta quarter turn until the spring releasesand snapsthe nutring againstthe trolley.Thissetsthe spring to optimumbelttension. . •NEVERpermitchildren to operate or playwith door control push buttonsor remote control transmitters. Make sure the arrowispointing toward the wall.The bracketcan be mounted flush againstthe ceiling when clearance isminimal. 2.2B Center the bracketon the vertical mark, no more than 6" (15 cm) fromthe wall. 1.7Remove the door control fromthe wall and drill a 5/32 inch (4 mm) hole for the top screw. Securelyattach sprocketcover BEFORE operating. (Figure 3). 13.To avoid SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY or DEATHfromelectrocution,disconnectALL electricand batterypower BEFORE performing ANY service or maintenance. 32, Troubleshooting. Ifthe door control hasbeen installed and wired correctly,the command LEDbehind the push bar will blink. Correctlyconnectand align the safety reversing sensor.Thisrequired safety device MUSTNOTbe disabled. . . Byhand,thread the spring trolleynuton the threaded shaftuntil itisfinger tightagainst 2.2 Inserta flathead screwdriver tip into one ofthe nutring slotsand brace itfirmlyagainstthe trolley. . Followthe instructionswhich will workbestfor your particular requirements.Donot installthe headerbracket overdrywall.If installinginto masonry,use concrete anchors (not provided). NOTE: Ifyou are installing the garage door opener on a one-piece door,visitwww.liftmaster.comfor installation instructions. Washered Bolt 5/16"-18x1/2" (Mounted in the garage door opener). . . . . To preventdamage to garage door,restgarage door opener rail on 2x4 placed on top section of door. . To avoid installation difficulties, do not activate the garage door opener at this time. on both sensorsshould pointtoward each other. •Sensorsare no more than 6 inches(15 cm) above the floor and the lightbeamisunobstructed. Concrete anchorsMUSTbe used if mounting header bracketor 2x4 into masonry. . Also for: Liftmaster premium 8355-1/2 hp. 8.3Mark,drill holesand install asfollows,depending on your door’sconstruction: Metalorlight weight doors usinga verticalangle ironbrace betweenthe doorpanelsupport andthe doorbracket: • Drill 3/16" fastening holes.Secure the door bracketusing the two selfthreading screws. A vertical reinforcement brace should cover the height of the top panel. 35, Warranty. . 7.1Insertone end ofthe emergencyrelease rope through the handle.Make sure that“NOTICE” is rightside up.Tie a knotatleast1 inch (2.5 cm) from the end ofthe emergencyrelease rope. . . 6.1Pull on the top center ofthe lightlensand rotate the lightlensdown. Attach one end ofeach bracketto a supportwith 5/16"-. . 5.7Remove the 2x4.Operate the door manually.Ifthe door hitsthe rail,raise the header bracket. Remove boltand locknutfromthe top ofthe garage door opener. NOTE: Do notuse halogen,shortneck,or specialtylight bulbsasthese mayoverheatthe end panel or lightsocket. Attach the entrapmentwarning label on the wall near the door control with tacksor staples. 2.4B Atthe garage door opener,strip 7/16 inch (11 mm) ofinsulation fromeach end ofthe wirespreviouslychosen for the, 2.5B Insertthe wiresconnected to the white safetysensor wiresto the. . 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IMPORTANT: The groove on the straightdoor armMUSTface awayfromthe curved door arm. 1.2Align the rail and the styrofoamover the sprocket.Cutthe tape fromthe rail,belt, and styrofoam. Database contains 4 LiftMaster 8355 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Owner's manual, Manual , Operation & user’s manual . After ANY adjustmentsare made,the safety reversal systemMUSTbe tested.Door MUSTreverse on contactwith, Upload manuals that we do not have and get, 1 Attach the rail to the garage door opener, 7 Attach the emergency release rope and handle, 2 Wire the door control to the garage door opener, 2 Ensure the Safety Reversing Sensors are aligned, 3 Ensure the Door Control is wired correctly. . DO NOTuse compactfluorescentlightbulbslarger than 26W(100Wequivalent). •Install the safetyreversing sensor so beam isNO HIGHERthan 6" (15 cm) above garage floor. . Database contains 4 LiftMaster 8355 Manuals (available for free online viewing or Attach the sprocketcover over the garage door opener sprocketand attach with hexscrews. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your LiftMaster 8355 Door Opening System, Garage Door Opener. To preventdamage to garage door and opener: •ALWAYS disable locksBEFORE installing and operating the opener. . Be sure power isNOTconnected to the garage door opener BEFORE installing the safety reversing sensor. Position the bottomhole ofthe door control over the screwand slide down into place.Attach the top screw. NOTE: Ifthe door hitsthe trolleywhen itisraised,pull the trolleyrelease armdown to disconnectthe inner and outer trolley.Slide the outer trolleytoward the garage door opener.

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