lippia graveolens health benefits

Polska wersja PLANT PROFILE While for people of temperate climate regions, Oregano means strictly mediterrean Origanum vulgare, in tropics it means usually Plectranthus amboinicus, Poliomintha bustamanta (or P. longiflora ) or Lippia micromera (or Lippia graveolens). Prefers semi-arid conditions and needs good drainage but can have heavy rain falls without damage if drainage is good. Lippia javanica belongs to the Verbena or vervain family (Verbenaceae) comprising approximately 32 genera and 840 species [].The genus Lippia L. is named after Augustin Lippi (1678–1701), an Italian botanist and natural historian who was killed in Ethiopia at the age of 23 []. Lippia Information What is Mexican oregano? Lippia multiflora is an aromatic, perennial plant with more or less woody stems growing up to 3 metres tall[332 Title The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Though, most of Lippia multiflora is collected from the wild, it is still being cultivated using the seeds and stem cuttings. Even at the principal Agriculture Institution of the island the professors there call the plant Lippia graveolens. ]. Las hojas de ciertas especies, como L. graveolens, se puede usar como una hierba culinaria similar al orégano. Which supposedly carries some health benefits. graveolens from Mexico. Publication Author Burkil. lippia alba ÍNDICE DE CONTENIDOS 1 1. Unless you live in a frost free area, you will need to This plant also occurs in Java, hence the epiphet javanica , meaning 'from Java'. They don’t taste particularly similar, and Mexican Besides, it’s leaves, Mexican Oregano flowers buds can also be consumed in a salad or used as a garnish for other dishes and it is always best to wait until the flowers are about to be formed. It prefers semi alkaline soil but can grow in slightly acidic soils. Lippia was named after Augustin Lippi 1678- 1701, an Italian traveller and natural historian who was killed in Abysinnia. Descripción 3 2. Lippia graveolens MEXICAN OREGANO Mexican Oregano (the plant pictured in the forefront above) has a lemony, oregano flavor that is a must in Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking. The herb that we call oregano can be split into two main varieties: European (Origanum vulgare) and Mexican (Lippia graveolens). Origen y hábitat 2 1.

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