luke chapter 1 questions and answers

A. Luke 6:32–34 = Pouring oil on our enemies. You exchange them for peace. If you are a humble servant of God, open to His working through you, He is the one exerting the energy! A. Luke 6:47–48 = I don't walk away from God because of trouble. This is true of all Kingdom work. Only God should get any glory I am involved in. A. Luke 9:10 = When they've had much successand can encourage each other. You nave nothing to worry about. I know of one beloved family entrenched in a cult whose lives are being touched by a particularly unique, prosperous and famous church. Study Luke Why do people really become Christians? A. Luke 8:21 = He hears God's Word and obeys it openly. shall overshadow thee...". Only God can use the story to transform the heart. A. Luke 10:7 = The Lord's work is hard! Rather, chasing that career should have convicted you before. 4. b. To whom did Luke address his gospel? These are just some signs of church health. A. Luke 1:15 = 1) Never touching wine or hard liquor 2) Being filled with the Holy Spirit even before birth. No prison ministry or else has a weak one. To say that what this essence is, is not true. v48. … Although they are critical of the monetary factor in the church, members of this family are touched to the heart and they cannot deny how good an effect this church has had on their lives. Stay home, but fill that time with wholesome things like raising godly kids—read books on godly child–rearing and get ideas from other families who are wholesome. A. Luke 9:51 = Hope. A. Luke 6:31 = Instead of taking offense, which is a sin, I love in response to every kind of attack. A. Luke 8:18 = Yes. v27. Self–esteem is high while pride is high. 8. v54. Their forefathers waited for Messiah and He came during their time. Where did he go after his ministration A. Luke Luke 10:6 = Blessings stand to those who are worthy of them (Jesus' blood makes people worthy). Some folks need to see God's power to believe He is here. Then I receive more by the everyday confirmations through situations God graciously uses to etch that Word into my heart. All decisions are his alone. They did miracles and cast out demons. No ministry to the poor exists because pastor teaches prosperity doctrine; sheep have no compassion for the poor. But we must make the choice to not only read God's Word, but to listen to God as He teaches it. a. A. Luke 9:6; 9:3 = The coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth. The sanctuary is run over with loud, burping, noisy sheep. Very exciting! A. Luke 9:45 = It was purposefully hidden from them. If the answer is yes, then speak a blessing to your parents right where you are. 36. We can confess and we have others to confess to. Even an ounce of faith moves mountains! 1:17: To make ready a people prepared for the Lord: What was the angel’s name that visited Zechariah? This happens regularly. They fall apart the rest of the week. Why is he a Pharisee? Now, decide that the Bible is the final truth and everything that you hear and see must conform to God's Bible, including all the religious books ever written. From birth, you have the choice to seek God. A. Luke 8:3 = They contributed from their own resources support to Jesus and the disciples. Before you attempt to answer the questions below you should read these chapters in the Bible and answer the questions at the end of each chapter found at the website Lack of the fruit of the Spirit is evident. A. Luke 11:30 = It was a sign to the present generation that God sent Him to them. Study Luke 1 at or review Luke at A. Luke 9:46–48 = From the smallest child to the oldest beggar, to receive all of them, I receive Jesus. a.  I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God. He shall sit on the literal throne of David. 38. You haven't lost your identity—you found it! A. Luke 10:3 = Yes. God's mercy? You may need it! A. Luke 9:23–26 = 1) I put aside my selfish ambitions. Contact A. Luke 12:10 = Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. He signed up for another tour of duty. Q. You have the most important task there is on this earth! Youth group is isolated from all other ages. A. Luke 11:27–28 = Those who hear the Word of God and put it into practice. 14. What are you able to tell us about the man who contributed the most to the writing of the New Testament? Luke Pastor think he is the only shepherd and isolates himself from everyday people, 5. 40. Don't assume control over others just because you began something. (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4 ))); A. Luke 7:23 = Yes! 1:19: Gabriel: What happened to Zechariah because he did not believe Gabriel? A. Luke 6:27–31 = Jesus pointed out our wrong reactions and the right ones. A. Luke 6:45 =What I invest in goes into my heart and is known by my speech. in hand? What was set forth for those taken v11. Fear not, your prayers are answered and you shall have a son. A. Luke 8:10 = Yes. Luke Lesson 1 100 questions Read Luke 1-3 Chapter 1 Answer the following questions using the New King James Bible: 1. v12. Equates tithing with faith, i.e., the more you give, the more faith you have. Luke Quiz on Chapters 1 - 12. Plug in now, really plug into your kids, your husbnad too. What appeared to Zacharias on the right Answer the questions below and then click "OK" to send your answers. He'll discuss it with others like himself. 20. v56. Ministry is awarded to tithers exclusively. A. What was it? ", c.  "Why has this pestilence been visited upon me?

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