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When thousands of angry Sacramento residents stepped out last Thursday night in protest of the police killing of Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s backyard, they didn’t walk the streets near where he died. It seems as if there’s a neighborhood for everyone in Sacramento. However, the bulk of the work has already been paid for by the city and the process should be finalized by listing these districts on the Sacramento Register. Neighbors reached out to Preservation Sacramento to provide technical assistance but the community led the survey effort from start to finish. Preservation Sacramento is dedicated to protecting Sacramento’s historic neighborhoods and encouraging quality urban design through advocacy, outreach, and activism. Later migrations — sparked in particular by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s executive order opening military industry jobs to African-Americans and by the 1942 Labor Importation Program colloquially known as the Bracero Act — would bring waves of black and Latinx families to the city. The combination put a “bullseye” on the neighborhood, Hernandez said, in the post-war period when politicians around the country started looking to overhaul inner cities they’d long neglected. “This changed the game. Many neighborhood buildings appear individually eligible as Sacramento landmarks, with several distinct historic districts within the larger neighborhood. 3M said the final persuader was the charm of the tree-lined streets and the established neighborhoods of East Sacramento, which reminded them of their own Midwestern neighborhoods. In its case, the people being forced out had just moved in. City officers shot and killed a homeless man named Dazion Flenaugh in April 2016, then killed Joseph Mann under similar circumstances three months later. Alan Pyke Twitter Mar 30, 2018, 11:59 am In the post-frontier days, the West End was where immigrant workers laid down community networks. It’s hard to believe that in the early 1900s, it was the site of the historic (and super rural) Horst Hop Ranch. The intangible perceptions and attitudes that individual police officers carry with them on the job have a massive influence over how they conduct themselves in tense situations. The same strip of busy highway where protesters put their bodies in the way of traffic last Friday was a key tool in the redevelopment scheme. discontinuous street between Broadway and X streets, is a collection of 1920s residences surveyed in the early 2000s. “A city redevelopment agency could declare a particular area to be blighted–and then cap the property taxes that flowed from that area to other local governments like schools and counties. Sidney, Glenn and Kay, thanks for having the foresight to form this wonderful association. And this is why the Clarks end up in Meadowview,” Hernandez said. There are dozens of historic districts that have been surveyed and listed on the Sacramento Register. Today, the neighborhood — which was just about the closest to Sacramento’s core of any of the areas where West End redevelopment exiles landed — is the locus of gentrification as tech firms bring in new-money professionals who disdain the suburban lifestyle. 38th Street (between J Street and Folsom Boulevard) was recently the focus of a community effort with the support of Preservation Sacramento to conduct a historic resources survey, with the goal of establishing a historic district. Today, the 680-acre neighborhood contains approximately 1,160 singlefamily attached and detached homes, two lakes, clubhouse facilities, swimming pools, spas and tennis courts. Sacramento picked up the weapon, and the fight was on.”. The routes protesters chose have taken them past ghosts of a particularly charged history — although not one many outside the area would have any reason to know. Redlining is the process in which lines were drawn on a map distinguishing neighborhoods where no mortgage lending would take place. Policing in Sacramento today reflects the same racial divides that the city’s public policies and services have imposed for a century. The sales pitch didn’t quite work. This is an intergenerational process of how we separate race and space. Sacramento Heritage, inc manages the city of Sacramento's historic plaque program. The Oak Park neighborhood was the subject of a comprehensive historic district survey in 2008-2009. Commercial activity on Broadway is threatening demolition of this neighborhood. They, too, ended up calling the West End home — because it was near the canneries, military factories, and field labor pickup hubs where they’d come for work, sure, but also because nowhere else in town would let them in. Sacramento Register of Historic and Cultural Resources. And an inherent property of redlining is that if a neighborhood is non-white in its population then it’s worth less. The West End pops out in Sacramento’s redlining map from 1938, a rectangle with one corner cut out where the capitol complex juts into it. But the history the marchers charted in that informal parade is long and ugly, diagraming a nearly 100 year story of willful division, economic repression, and divide-and-conquer white capitalism. The two decades after Truman’s “Fair Deal” saw drastic demographic shifts in neighborhoods that had been as lily-white as anywhere else outside the West End. None of those stories are as simple or as baffling as Clark’s death, with 20 shots fired in a matter of seconds based on a cell phone somehow mistaken for a pistol. Congress soon gave leeway to the original rules of President Harry Truman’s “Fair Deal” housing program. When Sacramento leaders asked residents to approve a bond program and associated tax hikes in 1954, it wasn’t billed as part of a racial purge of the West End. The Sacramento Police Department has had a few of these incidents in recent memory. Preservation Sacramento hopes the City of Sacramento will commission a comprehensive survey of the neighborhood to help facilitate future development and land use priorities. Preservation Sacramento is an all volunteer organization, whose members devote their time to increasing public awareness of the irreplaceable historic and cultural resources of the city. By 2010, that share had dropped in half. The Sacramento Bee in 1987 described the decision-making process that the 3M Corporation went through when they decided to relocate. The basketball arena sits just a block north of it. Other people’s money. The survey is under review by city staff and we anticipate it will be forwarded to the historic preservation commission this year. “This is an intergenerational process of how we separate race and space.”. In both cases the dead man had a knife, a stark difference to Clark’s death. National Trust for Historic Preservation  - California Preservation Foundation - California Office of Historic Preservation  - Western Chapter Association for Preservation Technology  - City of Sacramento - Sacramento Modern - Sacramento Heritage - East Sac Preservation - Preservation Directory, Preservation Sacramento - P.O. It seems as if there’s a neighborhood for everyone in Sacramento. situated south of R Street and north of W Street between 12th and 19th Streets, is a mixed use neighborhood. Some Top Rated Neighborhoods In Sacramento, CA. In that isolated pocket, where no one could get a loan to fix up a house or buy a new one, they dropped by 30 percent. In 1950, the West End was home to seven out of every 10 non-white Sacramentans. It becomes a euphemism,” Burg said. I-5’s pavement and the downtown areas adjacent were once home to a thriving multi-ethnic enclave of working-class families of color, intentionally destroyed six decades ago in the name of progress. It was home to a wide variety of businesses and residents. “Say this, they don’t invest in the black community. Every time the Kings play, crowds flock unwittingly to the epicenter of the racist housing policy and public works experiments that shaped the city where Stephon Clark was born and, on Thursday, buried. It’s a loaded word, “blight,” though its ideological freight was long ago blanched into neutrality by the casual professionalism of development jargon. Preservation Sacramento hopes the City of Sacramento will commission a comprehensive survey of the neighborhood to help facilitate future development and land use priorities. Explore the Sacramento Zoo and other beautiful green spaces like Capitol Park, McKinley Park, or Southside Park where you'll find playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, ponds, and monuments. Box 162140 - Sacramento - California - 95816 - 916-202-4815 - The stats prompted the paper’s editorial board to wonder, “are people being rousted for walking while black?”. This neighborhood is an excellent example of 1900 through 1920s architecture that exemplifies  the arts and crafts movement. The common cultural image of black men as particularly dangerous makes police more likely to use force against a black person than they might be in a similar interaction with a white person or a woman.

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