mechanized production darksteel citadel

$0.10, As low as: Rarity, #: C, 164 Card Type: Land Description: Darksteel Citadel is indestructible. Flavor Text: Panopticon, forge of the Darksteel Eye, home of Mirrodin's keeper. : Add to your mana pool. Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the United States and other countries. Frequent Cards. We're sorry, we are unable to process your feedback at this time. As low as: Flavor Text: Panopticon, forge of the Darksteel Eye, home of Mirrodin's keeper. All Sets: Card Number: 164. Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin, Arguel's Blood Fast // Temple of Aclazotz, Vance's Blasting Cannons // Spitfire Bastion, Legion's Landing // Adanto, the First Fort, Westvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane Prince, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath Unbound, Nicol Bolas, the Ravager // Nicol Bolas, the Arisen, Nissa, Vastwood Seer // Nissa, Sage Animist, Elbrus, the Binding Blade // Withengar Unbound, Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh // Chandra, Roaring Flame, Daring Sleuth // Bearer of Overwhelming Truths, Kytheon, Hero of Akros // Gideon, Battle-Forged, Orochi Eggwatcher // Shidako, Broodmistress, Delver of Secrets // Insectile Aberration, Arlinn Kord // Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon, Ludevic's Test Subject // Ludevic's Abomination, Faithful Squire // Kaiso, Memory of Loyalty, Thraben Gargoyle // Stonewing Antagonizer, Hanweir Militia Captain // Westvale Cult Leader, Voldaren Pariah // Abolisher of Bloodlines, Legendary Creature — Human Wizard // Legendary Planeswalker, Legendary Creature — Elder Dragon // Legendary Planeswalker, Legendary Creature — Elf Scout // Legendary Planeswalker, Legendary Artifact — Equipment // Legendary Creature, Legendary Creature — Human Shaman // Legendary Planeswalker, Creature — Human Monk // Legendary Creature, Legendary Creature — Human Soldier // Legendary Planeswalker, Artifact Creature — Scarecrow // Artifact, Creature — Human Wizard // Legendary Creature, Legendary Creature — Angel // Legendary Creature, Creature — Snake Shaman // Legendary Creature, Creature — Goblin Warrior // Legendary Creature, Legendary Planeswalker — Arlinn // Legendary Planeswalker, Creature — Human Soldier // Legendary Creature, Artifact Creature — Gargoyle // Artifact Creature. Darksteel Citadel from Darksteel for . $0.50, As low as: $0.38, As low as: Select your country in the list below and you’ll see only products available from sellers who ship to your location, along with the shipping costs for those sellers. Expansion: Darksteel. Types: Artifact Land. Updated Jan 06, 2017 by MrAsianYellow using our MTG Deck Builder. Rulings. A customer service representative will review this shortly. $0.09, As low as: Counter stuff, don't die and then enchant a darksteel citadels with mechanized production. $0.58, As low as: Darksteel Citadel Printings/Rarity: Card Type: Artifact Land Oracle Text: Darksteel Citadel is indestructible. You may use any printing of a card that has an appearance in a standard legal set. Card Text: Indestructible: Add . 7/18/2014: Although Darksteel Citadel is an artifact, it can’t be cast as a spell. $0.00. 7/18/2014: Although Darksteel Citadel is an artifact, it can’t be cast as a spell. Artist: John Avon. $0.30, As low as: Rarity: Common. $2.17. This format consists of the most recent "Core Set" and the two most recent "Block" releases. Playing it follows the normal rules for playing a land. ("Destroy" effects and lethal damage don't destroy it.) $0.07, As low as: Tutor other citadels with expiation map, or copy it with vesuva, thespian stage, featuring tolaria west to go get it. $0.35, As low as: Thank you for your feedback! $0.44, As low as: © 2019 DeckSketch My original idea was a mono blue hard control deck. $0.05, As low as: $0.24, As low as: $0.25, As low as: Artifact Land: Seat of the Synod: 806 Great Furnace: 676 Ancient Den: 393 Vault of Whispers: 318 Artifact: … Darksteel Citadel. Hard control with Mechanize Production as the main win-con Indestructible {T}: Add {C}. $0.20, As low as: © 2019 Wizards. Darksteel Citadel. $0.02, As low as: All Rights Reserved. As low as

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