minerva's den collectibles guide

Try to weaken enemies to the point they will run towards first aid stations and no later, to save ammo. With it done, you may even have quite a bit of cash saved up! I suppose ill post some more parts later, but for now, hope this helps! Immediately equip Master Protector (so that you dont forget), and instead of checking each room one at a time, skip the first room, go to the second, command the bots (including the enemy's bot) to attack the Splicer (or Splicers if there is more then one for whatever reason). You have completed the first little sister with Master Protector, which is probably the hardest to do! Minerva's Den is a DLC (DownLoadable Content) for Bioshock 2, it cost $9.99 on the Playstation Store (Its also available in the Xbox Live Arcade) It adds a new story that includes: 3 new levels, several new weapons, and a new Big Daddy "Lancer Big Daddy" That was, if it crashes or such while your saving, you dont lose all your progress! Finish Level 3: The Thinker, and also the Minerva's Den DLC as a whole. With that, you now have to reach the central room, looting every single little thing along the way. Make sure to use Hyponotize as much as possible. And also because iv seen almost nothing that mentions the Master Protector Tonic in Minerva's Den. Dont be surprised when your bots die horrificially and brutally to the Lancer's cruelty! When you start walking under water for the first time, there will be a damaged bathysphere to your left with two corpses - the diary is on one of the corpses Hack the turret and the safe, along with the camera, in the area you find security command. Head to the ''Rapture Central Computing’’ area (North). Some versions of the game do not contain the Minerva's … Now deploy little sister. There is a camera in there, and you need that unhacked. Carelessness is the enemy! Make sure you have full HP. Doing this, you should be successful. Open the first two doors and there should be a Gatherer’s Garden. Its important! That's fine, you will be picking anything you missed up later. Now, remember to get all four ADAM slugs outside, because you cant do this without them. Dont forget to use Telekinesis to intercept attacks and throw them back at brute splicer to preserve health. Now, to start off, everything is just like how you would imagine. With that done, you should acquire the tonic, and move forward with the objective. Oh, before deploying the little sister though, you can get more Eve Hypos from Porter's Office. You can also go back to the first room, clear the enemies out using security command and the Spear Gun, hack the turret (it will be helpful as enemies will come back in once you come out of the back room), and hack the safe inside. Now you are asked to go to his office. You can probably unload at least one spear though at the start for a good starting burst damage. But more importantly, you have a little sister to rescue! Once you have all four, you can head inside. From the get go you will experience that the enemies are more aggressive and you will see […] Keep at it till the little sister is done, and all enemies are dead from killing each other, giant spears in their faces, or laser burns. This will be needed later. Same for floor, ceiling, ect). This is your first harvest point. You should have plenty of ammo. Lancer Killer. Start that process, but remember the hacking and bot rules. Go back to the Gather's Garden, and purchase Hypnotize! Intro cinematic, tunnel blows up, you wake up outside. Today, I am sharing the knowledge within my deep, plasmid/ADAM addicted, insanity driven mind! Destroy all 10 Vacuum Bots in Minerva's Den 10. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Here, you will encounter the lancer. All 10 Vacuum Bot Locations Minerva’s Den 1/5. Then you go and get security command. There should be three doors, a mag lock, a normal door, and a path into a big room. Now sit in the back with Spear Gun, and equip Hypnotize. If you've followed the guide, this should be your final trophy for this DLC. Have a good day/night! If you dont have any bots, locate a shutdown panel, fail a hack first with a red zone, run to disarm panel, disarm once you hear them nearby if they are not already. Simple. Now get loot, kill incoming brute splicer, boom. Proceed to gain ownership of all turrets in the area, because spending a little eve is better then wasting ammo destroying them. Please note that ammo should only be used on groups of enemies. Anyways, make sure you monitor your health. Proceed to deploy Little Sister. Dont forget to use spear gun to eliminate enemies on the way. With this, even on Hard difficulty, you should be able to do this! Don't forget Sports Boost. There are no collectibles or missables to speak of in this level. Listed below are direct links to walkthroughs for levels, achievement and trophy pages, and multiplayer trials and rewards. Just snipe them all. The mag lock door is inconsequential, but DO NOT enter the one with the door! ADAM Addict. This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series. Now you have 80 ADAM. Then hack bots, and then hack everything else. However, there is also an infinite free source down below. Why, when you all have likely been playing for a long time, or when there are other guides out there? For the Brute Splicer, you can use the spear gun if you really want to, but its more efficient to use the laser for him this time. Take out the laser and begin to carve up the brute splicer. Resolve all the Little Sisters in Minerva's Den 10. You will need every dollar, every pinch of fuel and ammo, everything. Now head back to the main room. First off all, some ground rules: -Unless otherwise stated, hack everything at the earliest convienence. Now you go through the door, and enter the room. After that, move forward, find Gatherer's Garden. Some of the splicers have bots, so if you lost any so far, hack them and get yourself some more bots. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Now you do the main room. Once he is dead, finish off the others with the laser, or the Spear Gun if you can get some distance from them. Close. Use it to snipe individual enemies, and if they are unaware, the better. Kill splicers, trigger alarm, run to shutdown panel, shutdown, get two new bots. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. https://www.reddit.com/r/Bioshock/comments/edjb1e/a_guide_to_minervas_den_using_master_protector/, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Bioshock location maps from DrMong. You now have 60 ADAM! Eventually, you will make it to a room, Wahl attacks you with splicers, you drill them to death. Now hack camera, loot room, and head to the Boardroom where you reach 60 ADAM. Actually, the splicer you just killed before the Spear GUn should have had a rocket bot. A Guide to Minerva's Den using Master Protector Tonic on Hard, Part 1. Players take the role of Subject Sigma, the eighteenth Big Daddy of the Alpha Series, reactivated and sent by Brigid Tenenbaum to Minerva's Den while the events of BioShock 2 are taking place elsewhere. Do this before going downstairs and causing the turret to activate since that might alert them all. 2) It’s at the back of the Demonstration Stage area of McClendon Robotics, in a fenced off display area. We continue with the new DLC for Bioshock 2. Finally, you reach the office, get the prompt, and go get the hack tool. Congrats, you wont die from just two or three hits now! Login. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

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