mono overhead drum mic

Blonde on Blonde sounds like it's just a mono OH and occasionally a kick mic. You could start by simply centering the overhead mics over the drum kit using an X/Y or ORTF pair (note: my first choice for this task is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser so that mic type will be assumed throughout this post. I have done quite a bit of work recording drums with just a mono overhead and usually a kick mic. Set up three overhead mics; a stereo pair, and your best mono mic … What’s even more awesome is, you can actually combine the two ways. I took 4 equal lengths of strings, and tied them together at one end. The next best thing for that sound that I have used was the Telefunken 251. One of our most popular mic setups for drums was a single RE20 overhead, another RE20 on kick and an SM-57 on the snare. Usually the drums are panned left or right. Once you go mono with the overhead, the two speakers will be pumping out identical halves of your drum sound. With drums, you need in ear monitors so the drummer can hear themselves, but you also need quality mics so the crowd can hear as well. green is 3 feet, red 4 feet, blue 5 feet etc. An overhead drum mic is one of the most used mics for this kind of instrument because they can be installed over the head of the player or height of the drum. ). In the 60s and 70s however, Glyn Johns who engineered albums by The Who and Led Zeppelin pioneered a 3 mic drum recording technique where he’d simply use 2 overhead mics combined with 1 kick drum mic. Mono OH placement story: I recently made a string ?JIG? You can have the highest quality instruments on the market, but if your overhead drum mics do not match that quality, you will still not get a great sound. And as has been said before, you cant go wrong … The band I work for had to strip back our input list for a support run and going mono was one of the things I changed. I have the mic pointing at the space between the snare and the floor tom. Overhead Mic Placement-Left to Right. to rough-out mono overhead placement. My absolute favorite mic for this application is the Sony C38b or the C37 FET. It gets a pretty wide image of … The modern drum mic set up takes advantage of many purpose-built mics. I love that sound and that's what pushed me towards mono OH. How To Choose an Overhead Drum Mic. Recording Overheads PT2: Using Different Mic Types - YouTube Then I used colored pens to mark certain lengths on the strings. Best of both worlds. I'm pretty sure a lot of older recordings used mono overheads. Best Overhead Drum Mics & Best Brands for Overhead Drum Mic In spite of the fact that a set of drums can make rather loud sounds, having a mic in the right place is required in certain situations. Thus, the mic will capture the sounds made by the drum from above, allowing the player to deliver his performance without any impediments. The RE20 is a very flat response microphone, very directional … (Based on measuring overheads from snare etc.) It was a simple setup that sounded as good as the drummer and kit. I am currently using mono overhead using a ksm32. Those mics just have a way of putting everything in your face like nothing else I have ever heard. (i.e.

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