neumann u87 vintage vs new

The Mojave gets used all the time for vocals, drum room etc.... old ones, when they have been properly taken care off. I have grown to seriously love the sound of it too. Interesting how people seem to prefer the vintage for VO’s. Secondly, the test is completely subjective. Warm Audio’s WA-87 is one of the most popular inexpensive alternatives to a real U87. I’m working for months now together with an outstanding opera singer (dramatic & lyric soprano) and she simply fell in love with the remarkable natural sound of my old Neumann microphone, which makes it very easy, to place her voice in the mix with orchestral music. Okay, so I'm thinking about grabbing my first u87 soon. I’ve worked with the Front End Audio guys for a while, and I can say they have some of the best prices in the industry, and their service is second to none. Unless your telling or assuming that we can absolutely be guaranteed that in all cases the guitar, the singing, the vocals, exactly the same pitch and durations where achieved, to the microsecond by the performer’s voice and or instrument, and to the millimeter the position of the performer to the the mike, those factors WILL always mean the outcome is always subjective. That is just Impossible, One question , was the singer exactly at the same place between the takes ? For his voice, I would probably pick the Ai though. However, the old schematics for U87 and U87i specify a KK87 capsule and the U87Ai has a K67 capsule in it. I had Klaues mod all my mics years ago, AKG c-12, U87 and Neumann u47. Our U87-vs-U87 shootout included sung vocals, voiceover, and acoustic guitar. But I also dislike the TLM103...You should listen for yourself and determine what is better for you. People back when the I was made, listened like their life depended on it. This mic has been babied. Thanks for all of the input. I have worked with sooooo many techs that have told me "I can mod that piece of gear and make it better" I say to them what peice of gear have you built from scratch that the world adores? Thanks for testing and putting all this stuff out. I actually prefer the Ai too. Listening closely with headphones, I can hear a difference in the vocal tracks between these two microphones. I had both and let the old one go. The difference is very subtle, but the Ai had just a touch more upper-midrange presence to my ear. Gold Finger. Much more natural. also used (great river, focusrite pre, neve, grace design), I then bought a mid 1980’s U87 and it sounded better then that one so i sold the aniversary edition. What is cool is that it’s a great microphone and I paid less for it than I would have for a new U87ai. Whether you like the ‘A’ sound more or less than the U87 sound is subjective. The 87i was re-capsuled a few years ago by Neumann. I feel two of our panelists was using the terms “warmth” and “body” in an unconventional way when they suggested the ai had more of either. The old one sounds more to me like you hear it in a room, the new like your ear is against a speaker. If you’re in the market for a U87Ai (as I am! Actually they are not the same, the frequencies change , so how can you hear the very small details between the 2 microphones ? On acoustic guitar, I can see either one working wonderfully, depending on the mix. Honest opinion with dedicated man hours of recording and editing. You often hear people liking the old version “a lot” better. In fact I think the TLM103 is better! We adjusted preamp gain to produce equal signal levels from both mics in Pro Tools. (2) Neumann U87 vintage OG battery Neumann U87AI With Shockmount Buying an 87 is a simple buy, plus they are tanks. To me, your test here suggests that “a lot” of them would probably disagree with themselves in a blind test. The AI seems like it was designed for improved specification, just cuz they could. Actually shoot vcode a GS PM he always has good s**t for sale and he's a great guy in Hollywood. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m REALLY used to the sound of the Ai. By the way: EXCELLENT work on the production of this video. To my ears – on MY voice, they sound alike. It had a nice and compact sound without coming across as “boosted” in top and bottom. They polarize the capsule off the phantom at 42 volts, hence losing sensitivity and reach. The vintage U87 had a much rounder and even tonality to it whereas the new ai version has a high end spitty (hi-fi) characteristic that I don't care for. Love the site! If you want to analyse these closely, open the AIFF files in your DAW, select a short phrase from each, gain-match them, and then compare.

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