nine theories of religion chapter summaries

The scientific study of mankind. As winter arrives, an uneasy feeling of dread settles over Grendel. Belief in spiritual beings. obligation of each other and all to the standards of the group. Summary Chapter 9. Morality. Grendel senses that there is a riddle in the image, but he cannot puzzle it out. Sociology. Science of society. Anthropology. Scientific analysis of a culture/society. Page 1 Page 2 Summary. The belief that nonhuman entities possess a spiritual essence . Nine Theories brings several new areas of interest to the reader. Animism. Fetishes. First is a new chapter on William James and his views on the significance of the phenomenon of religious experience. Tylor's definition of religion. Sacred objects and trinkets. He watches one of Hrothgar’s bowmen shoot a deer, and the image sticks with him.

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