open garage door with google assistant

Much appreciated. Linking MyQ with a Google Home gives you the ability to control MyQ with your voice. [RELEASE] Enhanced Linear GD00Z-4/GD00Z-5/GoControl/Iris/others Device Handler with Switch and Automated Garage Door Open/Close when People Arrive/Leave/Timed Devices & Integrations Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how to configure the garage door to open when I arrive home. However, using your smartphone, you can use Siri … I find I have to put the command in multiple way because it looks for the exact phrase. The Aladdin Connect FREE downloadable App is FREE to use and makes having control and piece of mind over your garage door much easier! I want to be able to say “ok google open garage.” Currently using Chamberlain door opener and they don’t support this feature. So I got my Chamberlain B980 installed and received the Smartthings Hub v3 and 2 multi-purpose sensors. I am able to manipulate the garage doors via Google Home. So I just was messing around with the Meross garage opener and Google assistant. Use Google Assistant to verbally open garage? To add onto this, can I use a SmartThings Button to have a physical button in the car that will ope and close the garage? Thanks! My Expedition has built in wifi. (although the app status when open stays at “opening”. [RELEASE] Enhanced Linear GD00Z-4/GD00Z-5/GoControl/Iris/others Device Handler with Switch and Automated Garage Door Open/Close when People Arrive/Leave/Timed, [RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain),, Set up the MyQ Lite SmartApp and be sure to install the “momentary switches” for the opener and closer. If the icon of the garage door is closed, you tap it and the door opens, and vice versa. Your existing Genie Aladdin Connect garage door opener now becomes an Alexa smart garage door opener, or a Google Assistant smart garage door opener! The default Z-Wave Garage Door device type code that comes with ST does not support this to one cannot use the “Close Garage Door when someone leaves” or “Open garage door when someone arrives”. Thanks to @brbeaird for this code and the help from the community as I figure out the smartthings world. Once set up, you can use the connected app to check whether or not the door is open (and it will send you reminders when it is), get alerts when the door is opened and closed, grant open and close access to other users, and see a history of when your door was opened. The best way to yell at him is on Twitter. This is not normal but has recently started happening - the SmartApp device is somehow not getting accurate updates from the sensor. Hi Jeff… I’ve gone ahead and purchased the ST hub and some sensors and will be picking to the garage door openers next week when I return from vacation. Anyone know how I would go about setting this up? Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. This was inspired specifically by the GoControl/Linear Garage Door (GD00Z-4) which is a great garage door opened available on Amazon but has a compatibility issue with SmartThings Door/Locks section. I created the pin but deactivated it. Go into your Google Home app settings and set up a routine, essentially: When you say “open the garage door” it should “turn on the Garage Door Opener” or whatever you have named the momentaries. Genie SilentMax Connect- 3/4 HPc Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener with Aladdin + Alexa & Google Assistant Ready. In Google home on your android or iphone you can set up what they call routines. Can anyone provide me with where to start or point me in the direction of where to find the exact info to get this up and working. Or a wifi button that can be integrated? Is this without the need of Smartthings Hub? Speak a command and your garage door will respond. Ask Alexa and Google Assistant to open your garage door with these low-priced smart remotes The Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener is $50 … Ive been doing my research as well and came across rboyapp and smartapp from @brbeaird so I’ll be using those to start and get a feeling how all this stuff works as I’m a total newb with Smartthings. Google sees the momentaries as switches so it has to send a command to “turn on/off” instead of “open close” Thank you. Thanks for this, you can’t believe how difficult it is to find an answer for this on Google, AND you just saved me from trying to explain to 80+ year old folk that you need to say ‘ok Google Switch on the front gate’ for the gate to open LmAo, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. I’m looking into it. I’m using @brbeaird app and handler. This is pretty easy to do if you’re using the MyQ Lite SmartApp already. But it doesn't have to be that way. and the code is available at

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