overhead drum mic stand

It is made from a durable ceramic coating that gives it a modern and streamlined look. The clutch is strong and even when fully extended (both base and boom), I haven't noticed any sag. Perfect for overhead mics on a drum kit, even if you're using a coincident pair like X/Y with 2 mics on one stand. Due to its high-quality construction, MSP77033 is considered as the best drum overhead mic stand ever … The three durable caster wheels allow you to move the stand … This stand … The boom arm stays exactly where I put it. It is a high quality mic stand composed of steel sheet plastic leg housing that makes it unbreakable. ... Sturdy, stable and affordable, it will work for everything from vocals, choirs, guitars, pianos or even for overhead drum mics and will last for years to come. The On Stage Drum Set Microphone … This overhead drum mic stands out from others because of its sleek matte black finish. The Pyle PMKS56 mic stand is a heavy-duty type of tripod mic stand you should be considering if you are looking for the one that has a very stable tripod base and strong structural … The On Stage Drum Set Microphone Rim Clip and Stand Package is the perfect package for anyone that needs to mic drums with out the bulk of a bag full of mic stands. It is also supplied with WS5 windshields and RM5 stand … Invest in a Professional, Heavy Duty Microphone Stand That Will Last for Years to Come!

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