porter cable polisher pads

Cotton Buffer Pad Cover. The Porter Cable 7424XP Intro Pad Kit is a great starter kit for a new detailer. Firm, absorbent foam for efficient and swirl-free polishing; 5/16" - 24 thread shaft for use with 7346SP, 7424, 7336SP, 7424XP, 7435, 7345, 7346, 97455, 97466, 7335, 7336, 97355, 97366 PORTER CABLE Sanders / Polishers Features & Specs FEATURES. These 7" Porter Cable microfiber bonnets will fit nicely over our Porter Cable foam polishing pads. Product Overview. item 5 Porter Cable New 6” Hook & Loop Pad # 18001 for 7336 and 7424 Sander Polisher - Porter Cable New 6” Hook & Loop Pad # 18001 for 7336 and 7424 Sander Polisher $25.46 See all 5 Learn More & See Price » You can select what pads work best for your vehicle’s needs. Use the Porter-Cable 6 in. Outfit your Porter-Cable polisher or sander with this 6 in. Tan lambs wool polishing pads with a random-orbit sander (sold separately). $2.56. Kit includes: Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher Porter Cable 7424XP Wrench Porter Cable 7424XP Counter Weight Polish surface to a glossy finish without causing scratches or marring the surface. The absorbent foam is firm enough to wipe away dirt and grit yet soft enough to preserve the finish on your prized possessions without scratching. Use these bonnets to remove wax or sealant with your Porter Cable 7424 XP dual action orbital polisher. $9.30. Pro-Lift 6 in. Polishing Foam Pad. Foam Polishing Pad to give your vehicle, watercraft, RV or ATV a revitalizing shine. When you’re ready for more pads, come back to Wolfgang for all your detailing supplies. Porter-Cable 6 in. Microfiber cloth will absorb better and last much longer than terry cloth material.

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